Why me?

Hi my name is Angel, I love school and computers, I am 16 and probably invisible to most people at school, I don’t have any friends the only friend I have is in Canada, we text each other as much as possible. I thought I would stay invisible forever until one day, changed my life forever when the school bad boy Luke Hemmings spoke to me. This is the story of how a nerd got a bad boy.


6. fight

*almost lunch*
“ok class whoever answers this can leave” Mr Fred pointed to the whiteboard “c’mon guys you learnt this in year seven” he said trying to encourage everyone “I don’t even know what I had breakfast this morning” a kid in my class Joe said and everyone started laughing I raised my hand up to answer the question “put your hand down miss know it all” Joe said I put my hand down slowly, Luke looked at me “don’t listen to them” he whispered then he turned around to face Joe “hey is it Joe, look let her answer it at least she doesn’t have a brain of a five year old, so let her answer it” “or else what” he said a bit intimating Luke stood up and then Joe. Luke grabbed him by the collar then Joe swang at him. Great. Mr Fred tried breaking it up but couldn’t, Mr Fred got everyone out the classroom but I stayed and tried helping, Joe was throwing punches and was winning when I tried pulling Joe off he….. Hit me I think that made Luke really mad and knocked Joe on the ground and throwing a LOT of punches “Luke stop” I yelled and ran out the classroom onto the back oval.

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