Why me?

Hi my name is Angel, I love school and computers, I am 16 and probably invisible to most people at school, I don’t have any friends the only friend I have is in Canada, we text each other as much as possible. I thought I would stay invisible forever until one day, changed my life forever when the school bad boy Luke Hemmings spoke to me. This is the story of how a nerd got a bad boy.


3. after school

~~*skip to the end of school*


Angel P.O.V.
The bell went off signalling it’s the end of school, I grabbed bag and waited till everyone left, everyone ran off like rats, I got up and walked slowly out of the classroom. I got out the front of the school looking around for my dad to pick me up. I sat down on a bench out the front of school, then someone came over to me and sat next to me I looked up slightly and it was HIM, the school bad boy Luke Hemmings. I sat there in quite “hey um… remember me” I tried ignoring him “I tried helping you up but you ran away, If you don’t know me I’m Lu-“”I know who you are, school bad boy, the one not to mess with, am I correct?” I said trying to stop this conversation from happening “yeah that’s correct, is that why you ran away from me this morning” he asked actually wanting to know “that’s for me to know and you to stay out of” just as I said that my dad pulled up I walked over to him got in he drove me home.




“That’s for me to know and you to stay out of” she said so serious I looked at her like she was crazy she wasn’t bad looking neither. I got up and walked to my friends Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood, “hey dude where did you go” Ashton asked with a grin on his face “dudes I think I have a crush on thi-“I was cut off by Michael” wait a crush, where is Luke and what have you to him” in a joking tone and all they laughed “no guys I’m serious I think I really like tis girl” I said in a serious tone they all looked at me with a is he crazy look “that doesn’t make sense the girls have a crush on you not the other way around” Calum said with a confused face “look I gotta go see you guys later or tomorrow” I said walking away her face was so perfect and her eyes ah I can’t even explain them there just…….beautiful. That night I couldn’t get her beautiful face out my mind it was perfect.

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