Why me?

Hi my name is Angel, I love school and computers, I am 16 and probably invisible to most people at school, I don’t have any friends the only friend I have is in Canada, we text each other as much as possible. I thought I would stay invisible forever until one day, changed my life forever when the school bad boy Luke Hemmings spoke to me. This is the story of how a nerd got a bad boy.


9. 2 weeks

Angel's P.O.V. 

His lips were so soft and sweet i could kiss them all day that's how it felt i pulled away shocked i starred into his eyes they weren't a dark scary blue color any more it was a beautiful sky blue color they were beautiful "your starring beautiful" i turned bright red cause he noticed that i was starring at him i turned away so he didn't see my bright red cheeks, he turned my head to face him "i think its cute when you blush baby" that made more embarrassed, i heard the bell ring "come on babe, don't wanna be late for class now do we" i nodded and we walked hand in hand to class as a couple i guess. 

*end of the day* 

Angel's P.O.V.

i was walking out of of and noticed a little cutie following me, which made me nervous because my dad was picking me up and he said i am not aloud to have a boyfriend especially Luke Hemmings school badboy, maybe sweet but his past is still living in the present "Luke please go back to your friends i don't want my dad to see you" i whispered but loud enough for him to hear me "only if i  get my goodbye kiss and hug" he smirked "fine" i kissed him and gave him a hug "text me later, OK?" he said i nodded and continue walking towards the front gates of the school, once i was out the front i looked around trying to find my dads car when i found it i walked over and got in "hey sweetie how was your day" he asked as he started the car and stared driving home "same as usually" i said lie i always did "honey i have to go on a business trip to L.A for two weeks, i know its late noticed but i have to go otherwise i will lose my job so i left my credit card at home its got 10,000 dollars on it i know its a little too much but you might not know what happen" he said as we pulled up at home "so your leaving me home all by myself" i said as i got out of the car "yeah baby i love you, be the good girl your mother taught you to be" he said which honestly brought tears to my eyes "i will i promise" "good girl, see you in two weeks love you" love you too" i waved, when he left the street i ran inside and threw my bag on the ground and cried for half an hour, my mother died last year in a car accident, i wasn't the same after she died and dad wasn't either he would leave me all by myself and i had to do everything my self and i had no friends to comfort me at that time either so i had to try and manged everything all bye myself.

sorry guys if it a little short i had most of the story on a USB now it won't work so i have to wing it, tell me what you think of the story and comment if i should update and don't forget to smash that like button thanks hope your enjoying it 

much love for the readers and people who like it and comment          

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