The Chronicles Of The Seven

The Highest Council give a yearly task to The Seven. The Seven must accomplish the task with their ownselves, no family, allies and even friends. They must take the risk in order to past the test. Everything is going to be different. A trial that gives them idea to give up. A life must be taken to complete the trial. Who's life would it be?


3. Chapter Two: The Arrival

           The sun rises with a great light that light all the windows of our domicile. Fowls of the air flying freely riding the wind as where it goes. "Good Morning Noel" greet Reu as he walks towards the sofa where I sits. There is still a mark in face that shows how my nightmare yesterday really affects me. "Morning, you’re up so early" I responded and he sat beside me and took a cup and pour some tea over it “You had a nightmare again?" ask Reu "Hmm... [took a deep breath] Yes, I can't sleep back after I woke upon my dream" I replied I know I cannot lie, not that he also had the ability we all inherit from that day. Then Reu move his hand over my hand and going to perform his thing. "No!" I cast strongly and swiftly removed my hand under Reu's I know I should allow him to see my nightmare, I just want to hide from others.



Yeah, I’ve been hiding this nightmare for over a month now; I’m still figuring out what it means to me. "I candle it; beside it is good for a person to have some bad memories sometimes” I said it with confidence making a statement paired with my fakest smile, I know I cannot lie to him that I can handle it. It is just I could not afford letting anyone to get worried because of my stupid nightmare. "Whatever you say I just want to help you" said Reu as he drank some tea "Thanks for your concern Ast, I appreciate it I really do”. He always want to read my mind and see what is my nightmare was, well, it is not actually a nightmare. It just that it hunt me all the time I have dreamed about it. "I called Ishik last night to accommodate us" a girl said at our back. It is Amilah- the eldest girl the Seven had, well we only got two girls the rest are boys. She is like our guardian here; she takes care of us very well. Beside she is our leader’s assistant- Cush. "I thought it is his brother who will accommodate us?" replied Reu with a-what-Ishik-will-accommodate-us expression on his face. Amilah took a sit while explaining the reason why Ishik's brother will accommodate us. My greatest concern is never the ride to the city, it is the reporting. I am the only one who is acting like this it really runs in my blood to get easily nervous and fingers that felt cold. "Good Morning! Having an early meeting?' ask Seth as she walk toward the room "Did I miss something?" she added. "Nothing" I responded coldly, I still cannot get over with my dream. I know it means something- something that it likes to tell me something about me about who I am. "So cold huh? What's wrong Lo?" curiously asks Seth "You don't want to know it!" interrupt Reu.



        The sun fully rises with glory that all its light could shine enough the half of the swamp beside their quarters; different creatures are patrolling everywhere finding prey. The wind coldly blew northeast and driven a light rain. Afterwards, Ishik arrived with a dreary sky and cold temperature.

"Have you activated your anti-wet ability?" remind Luke-the one who is so concern about our health, he is like our personal health taker. That is why many girls really do admire her and wish they will have at least one date with him but he wouldn’t want to he always says to his admirers “I am waiting for my right one”. "You never like to be embarrass in-front of many people" he added in a laughing tone. "Already done Mr. Docky" we answered in chorus in a ridiculously way "Stop those Mr. Docky name thingy! I don't love it!" murmur Luke as we went downstairs, the time is almost come. I need to prepare myself for this reporting I know this would be a difficult one. I hate when I knew that although I have this ability that shows I’m am different from my friends on earth we are all controlled and guided. We can do everything actually, if we just rebel against the Elders. Rebel. The perfect word that suits everything, but we cannot afford any loss. I just need to relax my mind and just ride the flow of the happening because the more I over react the more the tense it is. "It is my pleasure to accommodate you guys" greet Ishik and bows down his head and he opens the blackish silvery car paired of a shining pewter metal attach to the tires.  The car has four doors two in front side by side and at the back; it has a rectangular flag with a different colours and an eagle-like with lions claw and a snake tail printed at the centre of the flag, it has an italic words written surrounding the image 'MerkLesLoTekKaAstSin', the Flag of the Seven.

            A soft shiny leather covered the chair descry them, it has a hexagonal shape carved with a line connecting to the centre of the shape. Each side of the shape a circle with a sign that corresponds to the Seven "Oh! How I've missed this car!" said Luke as we sat at the chairs antithetically to each other "Yeah! The scent never changed!" agreed Mark. “But I prefer the newest one which the Highest Council given to us!" I protest. Thinking of today’s report, I don’t know what to do I know it is not odd for us to report to the Highest Council- probably the most terror council ever been made, I thought; I felt cold throughout my body, I want to vomit but nothing would come out it feels like I’m going to a great suffering. Ishik flies the car with moderate speed just enough to make us not dizzy. Cush pushes a button that makes the ambiance either noon, twilight, dusk, or night; the car flew throughout the dark and dreary sky with a light rain that make outside blurrier. After a couple of minutes, they arrive at the entrance gate of the Seven City- the city the Seven had built three years ago and was named after their masters who are believed in some tales that they are the ones who broke the vessel that contains the seven spirits which the Seven inherited. "Seven, we have arrived at the entrance gate of the City and according to the Council you need to take a bullet train ride to accommodate you ‘till the nearest station where the Council is located" said Ishik in the small speaker "But I will meet you there!" he added. "Thanks Ishik!" answered Amilah.


 "Hmm ... I really don't want to take those trains! It gives me dizziness!" mumble Reu as they walk towards a big gate that even giants could fit there. The city is inlaid with seven foundation walls: first, it is inlaid with Beryl, secondly with diamond, thirdly it is inlaid with amethyst, fourthly a foundation of topaz, followed by emerald and sixth inlaid with ruby and lastly it is inlaid with sapphire; the wall is seventy feet high and breadth of each foundation is at least ten feet. As they entered the station, trumpets greet them with a welcoming vocal, soldiers are everywhere securing their safety, then a red carpet appeared in front of them; flags are raised side by side with a dye of maroon. "Welcome Seven!" welcome the man with an average body, lightish brown skin complexion paired with two strong eyes that you didn't want to look on, he wears a black suit a formal one and shinning black shoes with face making his weirdest fakest smile I’ve ever seen in my entire life. "Please come!" he commands. As we walk through the carpet, soldiers bow down with a great respect. The man who had just welcomed us bow down also his head before us this is what usually citizens here in the city would do if they see us in public except for those who are really close to us. "I am David Camron secretary of the second Seven Wing Station, I am sent by the Council to accommodate you and Ishik will meet you at the another station" cast Mr. Camron as they shake their hands. We stepped on a pure metallic train with an automatic doors and beautiful stewardess greeted us as we entered the first cabin of the train. "Varies of foods are all served at the dining room, your rooms are also ready, we change the covertures of the bed!" he announced pointing out the way to the rooms. "Thank you, thank you for your hospitality" said Seth with a-baby-thank-you voice.  "If you'll excuse me, I have a case to do" excused Mr. Camron and then he turned away and goes to the front of the train.  "Guys! I'll just take some rest! Wake me up if we had something to do" said Reu and then he vanished away. "I wonder when he'll change! He acts often like that, every time we ride this train!" said Amilah with a small amount of angry tone in her voice. 

         We found ourselves sitting on the fine linen that covered the big fuchsia sofa match with a clear pearl at the end of each side, the furniture in the living room where all of them are created by the famous designers of their world including the- earth. The train began to move and increase its velocity to its highest acceleration. "Welcome to city of The Seven, where peaceful, harmonious and loving persons living in unity. Founded by the greatest strongest ever live "The Seven" three years ago; We had twenty-nine degrees Celsius of temperature and a wind of twenty-five mph northeast" said the woman-like voice in hall room where she says are all heard clearly from their ears. It took us a period of minutes before we arrive at the entrance of the another station; as the train stopped from moving, the door automatically open and Mr. Camron walk with them away from the platform.  "Mr. Ishik is waiting for you downstairs, you should go" bid Mr. Camron. We left the station and meet Ishik happily and we drove to the Highest Council Edifice where ten blocks away from the station near the Evergreen Park where most of the people stay and make fun. As we stepped out from the car, flashes of cameras light up us, anchors taking photos, interviewers trying to get a word from us, but the more we are close to the council the more adrenaline rushes to my body like something will happen. I cannot explain what I feel right now; I never felt this kind of feeling before. "Make way" said the man that wears a formal suit; it seems he is the personal guard here that usually takes control everything. Every year the Highest Council hired a special guard like a general in the army to make sure everything goes as what is planned.

"What are the new improvements this year?"

"Is it true that you discover a cure over that disease that spreads through the city of Ok'tan?"

This are some of the questions we heard from the anchors and there are still many of them but I couldn’t hear it exactly, all I hear are whispers- whispers says that I shouldn’t go in there. Now it all came back, the feeling that I had for over a month now since I had the dream about that girl.

Who is that girl? I thought.

Who is she?

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