The Chronicles Of The Seven

The Highest Council give a yearly task to The Seven. The Seven must accomplish the task with their ownselves, no family, allies and even friends. They must take the risk in order to past the test. Everything is going to be different. A trial that gives them idea to give up. A life must be taken to complete the trial. Who's life would it be?


4. Chapter Three: The Reporting

         As I wake up from reality we walk through the old-fashioned stairway with an art carve through the stairway " Altissimus autem Concilium " the written carve over the flat golden yellowish metal above the metallic entrance door; as we opened another door, behold a great court room-like appeared before our eyes, seven chairs are placed at the centre surrounded by armies. The Highest Counselor sat before them wearing a white shinning robe with some of the leaders at their back. "Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! MerkLesTekKaAstSin for your annual report!" said the Highest Counselor in a hollow voice. The report is now starting and I still cannot calm myself, I need to get this over with I said to myself. I know once this report is done I can forget all about the things I’ve been through. This is just what I get for not getting enough sleep for the previous month. We sat at the chairs prepared for us, great light shines throughout the whole edifice. "You may start the report" said the man with a long beard.

It finally starts.

"I am Merk, Son of Inkt, First of the First, Best Ability 'Energia' " said Cush as he stands in front of the Highest Council and there appeared a dark blue smoke-like all over his body.

"I am Les, Daughter of Mo'n, Second of the Second, Best Ability 'Telepathy' " said Seth then appeared all over her body a smoke-like dye corresponds to its color- red.

"I am Lo, Son of Caesar, Third of the Third, Best Ability 'Telekinesis' " I cast before them and a smoke-like dye of green appeared in my body covering it.

"I am Tek, Son of Philip, Fourth of the Fourth, Best Ability 'Great Strength' " said Luke as his body covered with a dye of yellow.

"I am Ka, Son of Odin, Fifth of the Fifth, Best Ability 'Lightning' " cast Mark as his body also covered with a dye of light blue

"I am Ast, Son of Chis, Six of the Six, Best Ability 'Darkness' "cast Reu as his body covered with a black smoke-like 

"I am Sin, Daughter of Anad, Best Ability 'Teleportation' " said Amilah and a dye of sage appeared all over her body. 

 "And we are The Seven!" we shout together with aloud voice and a great applause been made.

Cush leads the report with different stories, news, solutions and other things might come in the future. It takes a space of three hours before we finished our report. I still cannot imagine that we finish the report without harm done. The feelings I had earlier start to wear off, it seems gone. "Well done, what you did is what you must do!" said the Highest Council and they make a ritual to end the report. After the report, we meet Master Shukoji at the Great Hall of the Edifice. "Master!" we said in chorus and hugged him tightly. "Well done, it is just like I'm teaching all of you yesterday" said Master Shukoji. "When we'll you celebrated with us?" ask Seth in a cute voice. "Oh, don’t worry I already arrange a special dinner tonight at the finest dining restaurant here" with a smile replied Master Shukoji "Really?" asks Amilah as if she is doubting Master Shukoji’s words. Master Shukoji pat Amilah's shoulder in manner of father would do if he is proud of her daughter. That what I see as it was, beside it has been a long time since we see Master Shukoji personally. "Yes, besides I miss all of you, and before that may I speak to Cush (he turn his face to Cush) we had an important matter to discuss" replied Master Shukoji and cast a spell that makes their conversation privately. "Merk, I know that you know that the council isn't happy with those reports and they are not satisfied what the Seven did. I am here to warn you! All of you! To prepare with great preparedness for your next task; I am afraid that this is different from your previous task" Master Shukoji said in a voice of a great weary old man. "We will try our best Master! We won't fail you, we will show them what the Seven can do" replied Cush proudly. "Words are words" said Master Shukoji while tapping Cush's shoulder. I know what Master Shukoji and Cush talks about; I know that it somehow related to the task this year. Now the feelings I thought earlier was gone comes back to me in a sudden. I want to rip off myself to get over with this feelings, I hate it when I want to solve a mysterious problem that the solution is really far from reality lost in the deepest ocean. Let the problem solve its own problem as I discussed it to myself. "What take you so long guys, what are talking about?" I ask as Master Shukoji and Cush reach us "Nothing, just all about the...."paused Cush to make a thrill.”Come on! Do not make any suspense! It isn't working!" said Luke "Well, just all about the dinner today" smiled Cush. ”What? That's all?" replied Luke "Nothing more, nothing less" answered Master Shukoji.

I know Cush lied, I know that he is hiding something from us that Master Shukoji wouldn’t allow him to tell us. Whatever it is I need to figure it out before it is too late.


I need to find what it is, no matter what is the priced in finding it or the consequences. I need to find it.

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