The Chronicles Of The Seven

The Highest Council give a yearly task to The Seven. The Seven must accomplish the task with their ownselves, no family, allies and even friends. They must take the risk in order to past the test. Everything is going to be different. A trial that gives them idea to give up. A life must be taken to complete the trial. Who's life would it be?


2. Chapter One: The Making

"Mark you'll losing!" I teased. "Belt up! I am going to win this game!" replied Mark as he tries to do all the best he could do to win the game. Then a smoke-like blackish blue light covered Mark's hand as his iris turn into a thunder symbol. "Hmm... too much energia can lead you in losing this game" I said it with a tone of little warning just to make him full aware that I’m the master of boo- it is like a shoulder wrestling this is what we called this game. It just the game we create Mark and I during our first years. "Hahaha, you only think that Lo! But you can't win this battle!" replied Mark as if he will win, I’ve win like a thousand times over him. Then a suddenly a cute cold voice run through the walls of the room. "Your so childish guys! Both of you! Come down here we need to discuss for tomorrow's report!" Boogsh! A great thud was made and Mark’s hand was under my hand and it touch the table that concludes that I win "Yes, I won! You had a lot of debt to pay Ka! " I teased him again pairs with a teasing smile that you rather die than to see it. He is just like a brother to me, a best friend to be exact. He is the first person I really close to during the training of us- Seven we are partnered in every fight and sometimes we are paired as an enemy. I got often called as a baby sitter since Mark is a few months younger than me. I even helped him courting the girl whom he loved although I already told him that he should alone do that, but he wins I don’t really want to argue on small things that’s why I helped him win her. "Grghh, Seth don't do it again! You’re making him proud of himself" said Mark as we entered into another room. The other Seven are all waiting there filing up things to get to the annual report to the Highest Council who keep records and evaluates our works for a year or even quarterly. Although I don’t really love reporting I got no choice beside the more our report looks good they will give us easy task.


As I remember the word a sudden feeling of fear flows within me, I know I shouldn’t get afraid of but I had the feeling that something will happen. Something that will change everything. "I’m sorry" breaks Seth "It's ok my little demoiselle" I replied telepathically as I am back to the real world. "Guys, what is your suggestion about tomorrow's report? What would we report to the Highest Council? " cast Cush while enlarging some data at the tech-table "We can knock them out! And by that there will be no more reporting thingy! Just like what we did at Shilvrish Council" said the person from the darkest corner of the room in a cold voice. “Yeah! I agree with Reu; He really contributes a lot” I said out of nowhere supporting crazy ideas like Reu’s. "Thanks Lo, I know we are brother and a brother must support his brother also, right?" replied Reu as he walks toward the tech-table, and as the light struck his face it shows his handsomeness that somehow differs him from the people that surrounds him. "Right” I replied with a smirk. I know he only tries to tease everyone. That is what he would do every meeting we had. We often called him our Meeting-Destroyer. "Ast and Lo stop it! What happens at the Shilvrish Council is an accident, we need to concentrate! If we had nothing to report, they will send us to Detention Realm or give us the hardest task that you would rather be dead than to accomplish it!" said Amilah stressing all the words she says, sometimes she may be strict lady like what would a mother do to her child but she is totally the perfect girl a boy could ask. "Amilah's right guys, If Master Shukoji found out that we are sent to Detention Realm, for sure he'll be disappointed on us. So we need to compile all the task we had accomplished starting from the First Quarter. You may suggest anything that we had done; if I forget it to write it in." lead Cush and starts to show a bunch of files from the tech-table and making another windows to show the assignments we must do. "Making up the report is the very hardest part of being a Seven" sighed Reu then I saw Luke make a thumbs up gesture to agree Reu. It takes us at least two hours and seventeen minutes to final up the report. We gathered all the information we could still remembered and write it down.

After making the report, I found myself standing beside Seth-the youngest of the Seven. She is like my little sister since I don’t have any in my real world. All I got were ‘elder sisters and one younger brother’ I treat her like one of my family not that I don’t treat all my co-Seven as a family but I treat her differently as if she and I run the same blood.

"Are you ok my little demoiselle?" I ask to break the silence we had for almost an hour now "Yeah my big boyo! " replied Seth while doing her signature facial expression. Smile. "It is really cold out here, we should go back inside" I insist "Lo?" she ask out of nowhere. I don’t know what’s going on her she seems eldritch for this past few days. "Yes" I answered her confusedly she is a bit serious, I can saw in her face that there is something wrong she seems worried “If you are worried about tomorrow’s report, well don’t be. Cush got it under control” I said it happily knowing that Cush will do it the same last year’s report. "It’s not about the report, I need to go back home; I am worried about my family they aren't replying my messages” she said in a sad voice while looking straight at the misty lake. Now I get it, she should feel like this after some months of not seeing her family, I would also feel like what she feels if I couldn’t see my family for that kind of very long time. "I bet you missed them so much, you can ask Master Shukoji after morrow's report for sure he will listen to you " there are nothing words that came out of my mouth except those, I don’t know anything how would it feels to be far from your family for a very long time. I think giving her those words where somehow comforted her. “Do you think he will?” she asks trusting my words. I smile. “Of course he will”. Giving her assurance is the best I could do for her as of now, thinking as if everything will be okay, I know it will not be as easy as it was like from before- before we got matured and start to dig deep what we are really for.


   The wind blew so cold; the solemnness of the night makes us sleep deeply. The moon shines so bright above the misty lake. Trees making those scary noise as the wind blew again. "Ha-ha" laugh the woman in a cute voice wearing her long white gown like a wedding dress as she run far away- far away from me. "Wait! What's your name?" I followed her trying to catch up with her. She ran again without looking back and just laughing like she had just won a million dollars. Her laugh is a bit odd, it feels like I’ve heard it already and there is something that I cannot tell, it something that she’s like part of me. "Come and get me" she said still running away from without looking back "Stop running! I just want to know your name" I replied. Then she run and run until she stopped beside the familiar fountain which has a two lovely swan forming a heart; I had been here. I said it to myself clearly. I know deep inside me tells like I have been here, like I visited already this place. I saw her sitting on the fountain playing the waters, I walk toward her "Who are you?" I ask; as she turn her head to look at me, a great green light pass through me; luckily I wasn't hit by it, then all became dark. I saw the woman shattered into dust. I froze as I saw the woman shattered before mine eyes. I heard a dark evil laugh, back at me as if rejoicing what had he done. I tried to look back and again a great green light coming towards me, I tried to cast a power but nothing happens. I cannot use my powers. I struggle in knowing that my power is gone, adrenaline rushes through my blood. "No!" I shout as the light nears me. "Hu-huh" l catch my breath as I wake up from my nightmare, my shirt is all wet, heartbeat beats fast like a running horse gone for a race; "Dreaming again about the girl I never saw before" I thought as I try to calm myself from the terrible nightmare I just had; I raised my pale brownish hand, then an emerald float at the top of my palm surrounded with seven stars that light up "It is not gone, my power are still here" I murmured. 

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