The Chronicles Of The Seven

The Highest Council give a yearly task to The Seven. The Seven must accomplish the task with their ownselves, no family, allies and even friends. They must take the risk in order to past the test. Everything is going to be different. A trial that gives them idea to give up. A life must be taken to complete the trial. Who's life would it be?


5. Chapter Four: The Reunion

             The waiter bows down before he asks us what our order is.  "No need to do that." Seth paused and straightly looks into his cool blue eyes.  "Mr. Stawson?" she finished with a big smile. "It is my honour to serve the Seven" Mr. Stawson replied paired with a cool smile "And may I take your order?" he finished. "Just this beef steak and a small amount of sauce, and can you put some lettuce?" order Seth "Very well, Les" replied Mr. Stawson “And you Sin?" ask Mr. Stawson "Same with Seth" Amilah gladly replied. After Mr. Stawson took our orders, Amilah excuse herself to go to lavatory for a while. "Master, after tonight will we see you again?" I ask as we wait for our tucker to be served I need to be sure what Master Shukoji are up to. "I can't assure you, but let us leave it to the future" replied Master Shukoji confidently without a glimpse of any expression. "We're still hoping that we could see you again Master Shukoji" I happily answered to make the conversation clean, I know that they can tell that I’m up to something but they wouldn’t dare to speak it verbally just to make things smooth. We talk for a couple of minutes and laugh like children’s as if we do not care about the world. It has been a very long time since I had this kind of laugh- a real one. At this moment, all I care is myself, I do not care about what will happen in the future; let the future be itself. We may change our path but not our future and that is a fact that we need to face. "Here's the appetizer, our soup du jour!" said Mr. Stawson, breaking the laugh trip moment we had, everyone’s faces turn into seriousness, evaporating all the laughs and throw it to another realm. Mr. Stawson placed the tucker above the clear sage salver and fill up the wine glasses with their finest red wine and light up the eight candles place before them and a mild floral aroma burst out all over the room. "I really love this soup! It reminds me of something" said Seth as she tastes the soup. "Something? Like what?" ask Reu "I can't tell" answered Seth.

              After a while, the main course is served on us placed on a salver covered by a clear metallic bowl. "Your main course is a beef steak with sweet and spicy sauces paired with hot pouched eggs and a mashed potato with a skosh of gravy and an onion rings coated with batter and is fried and a chop green celery at the top of it" introduce Mr. Stawson "Looks Delicious!" proclaimed Master Shukoji. "Lo love the mashed potato here?" ask Mark as he saw me eating first the mashed potato that I actually admired. It has the same taste with the mashed potato of the world-earth had, I did somehow remember how my mother would cook me like every time I did not feel well. "Taste good right?" Reu ask as he looked on the mashed potato. "Of course, this is cook by one of the finest beanery here in the city! But nothing can compete the mashed potato from the real world" I protest. "I really love this steak!" Master Shukoji murmured as he eats a slice of it. "The taste of the meat runs through my mouth with love and chaos, like the God in heaven made both earth and heaven so beautiful, you really are good at beanery Cush!" finished Master Shukoji with a delightful smile. We spent almost four hours eating, talking, and laughing. Like there will be no tomorrow, I know this will be for a moment. A moment. I repeat it to myself repeatedly to make it clear that after this everything will be back to normal. Normal daily life we all had. After we ate, we went outside and wait for our service to come. "Master Shukoji, are you going to come with us at the dormitory?" ask Luke. "No, I need to go back to the Highest Council. We had an important matter to be discussed" replied Master Shukoji. "Meeting in this late of hour?" ask Amilah. "It is important Sin; we need to discuss it before the hour comes" answered Master Shukoji this time with a slight glance of sadness in his face. "I must go now, thank you for the time you spent with me!" he finished it with a smile. "No, we need to thank you, after a long time we celebrated together again" said Cush happily. "We'll see each other again" said Master Shukoji and then he vanished away leaving us with cold air. This is how he usually disappeared from us, in just a moment of twinkling your eye. It may seem rude but this is how life works, we cannot change it. This is now what our life will be, appear for a moment and then vanished in a moment also. "I need to go too! I had a school tomorrow" I said, “We'll just call each other” I finished and then vanished away from their sight. I need to go home and need to figure it out what had happened to me for these past few weeks. It seems odd; it does not make sense at all. I know that somehow that girl is related to me, feels like we had been friends for some decades. Everything is just a fractured puzzle; I do not know what I will get after solving this feeling. I know my life will never be back as it was four years ago? The years where I am only a normal person with no extra-ordinary abilities, having my normal life as a real human. I want it back. I want to get it back so that I will feel very human again. I have kept saying those words for almost five years now after the searching of the Seven. As I got back to reality I opened the door of our house and entered in.

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