The Chronicles Of The Seven

The Highest Council give a yearly task to The Seven. The Seven must accomplish the task with their ownselves, no family, allies and even friends. They must take the risk in order to past the test. Everything is going to be different. A trial that gives them idea to give up. A life must be taken to complete the trial. Who's life would it be?


1. Prolouge

It been three years since the Sevens are declared throughout the whole world. There are a lot of changes between human and non-human, peace between the worlds had been declared two years ago........

"From now on, Peace will rule all over the world, no matter what you are a witch, wizard, vampire, werewolf, mutant, elves, alien, animals that speak, mermaids, merman, centaurs, angel, demons, air bender, water bender, fire bender, earth bender, monster, freak, warlocks, demigod, Asgardians, titans, satyr, nymph, and even humans. No gap between worlds, Peace and Peace be upon us" declared the Seven.

A great applause was heard from their ears, cheering and shouting are also heard everywhere. After that day, different mutations are discovered; different accidents, different races of species and a different world to live for.

What kind of world would it be?........

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