My life isn't normal. My stepbrother is the famous Michael clifford. And I basically have no parents. I have no where to live, so when I move in with Michael and his bandmates what will happen. Will I fight with the boys? Will I date one of them?
What have I gotten myself Into...


1. the beginning of my new life

As I open my eyes to the sight of my boyfriend, I feel sick. We've been doing the same old thing for a year. I just want at lest one night to relax and not have SEX! Lying down in his bed just saying to myself over and over "Michael is picking me up today, Michael is picking me up today. Michael is my stepbrother, he's kinda in a band. And so are my friends Calum hood, ashton Irwin, and Luke hemmings. I knew luke and calum since I was 13. But I didn't see them much knowing that my drug filled mom locked me in my room all day. And the sad part is that my mom in jail and my dad lying in a hospital bed isn't surprising. Me and Michael lived on our own since we were 16. He would take care of me like I'm a baby even though were the same age.

"Hey babe."-George

All of a sudden I feel this arm rap around my waist squeezing the living shit out of me.

"So how was last night?"-George

"Ok I guess."-me

"I still got the moves don't i."-George

I wanted to run away and hide from him. But I just had to make a reason why to leave so I can go.

"I have to go soon my brother is coming to pick me up."-me

"Ew him? you know he takes me away from you right?"-George

"Good,"I said under my breath.

All of a sudden I hear a car honk and I look outside the window to find Michaels car. I look right at George and said"well bye". and grabbed all my stuff and ran out before he could kiss me goodbye. I ran outside going to Michael's car opening the door then jumped into his arms and hugging him tight trying to forget about last night.


"You smell terrible."-Michael

Wow thanks I try my best."-me

"So how's what's his face?"-Michael

"Ugg I don't want to talk about it."-me

"I don't get it."-Michael


"If you don't like him then why be with him, you're my baby sister I don't want anything to happen to you."-Michael

"First of all were the same age and second I go to his house because you need at break from always watching me. don't I bother you?"-me

"I rather you bother me then him bother--

Before Michael could finish George comes running out with my bra

"Here babe you forgot this."-George

You could see Michael's face was full of anger and before George could go near the car Michael slams on the peddle and screams,"don't touch my fucking sister ever again!"

Michael stared at me for a good whole minute and I could tell his red on his face was going down to his cheeks.

"I'm sorry."-Michael

"I don't care about you yelling I wanted my god damn fucking bra back!"-me

After our fake melt downs we started laughing.

"So how's the band?"-me

"Ok, luke still likes you."-Michael

"Still? when will that boy learn that I'm not his type."-me

"I know how you don't think he's cute or what ever but he's changed in the last 2 years and a billion girls like him so I think he's not that bad."-Michael


"How much longer?"-me

"2 hours."-Michael


~~2 hours later~~

When me and Michael parked the car the boys ran out side to see me.

"Oh my fucking god I missed you!"- ashton


"Really Calum?"-me

"You look beautiful!"- Luke

"BOOBS?!there like tiny tennis balls!"-Michael

"Can you guys stop talking and looking at my boobs it creepy!"-me

I took my arms a crossed my chest and all the boys started laughing

So the rest of the day the boys gave me a room tour and showing me were everyone is sleeping. I of course got the same room as Luke.

"Hey guys I'm getting tired."-me

"Me too."- Luke

"Goodnight!"- everyone

When me and luke we heading in the same room he turns and tells me something but right about then I put my hands on his head and staring at his face. And said out loud," wow luke your actually attractive now!

And by that point I realizes what I just said to him was the wrong thing to say because everyone was laughing and luke was blushing.

"Luke I didn't mean to!"-me

But it was too late because he let go of my hands and ran to his room. I felt so bad and I didn't know what todo. My head was spinning and I didn't know what to say or do next. Luke. that's all I could think about. After the past 2 years he's changed so much! he so sexy and with his ripped skinny jeans and his messy hair I just to--

But then I stopped myself. Get Luke out of your head, he's just a friend, and Michael would kill you.

When I walked back in the room I got in my pjs and I went to the bathroom before I went to bed. When I walked into the bedroom I saw a small black box that caught my eye. When I went to go open it I was shocked of what was in it. so I ran back to my room and went to the bed right next to Luke's and tried to forget what I saw in the box.

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