My life isn't normal. My stepbrother is the famous Michael clifford. And I basically have no parents. I have no where to live, so when I move in with Michael and his bandmates what will happen. Will I fight with the boys? Will I date one of them?
What have I gotten myself Into...


3. settling in

We're cleaning the bus now and it's like 200 degrees! Everyone's shirtless and I'm in a bikini and really short shorts. We were all splashing and messing around until we had to wash the top of the bus.


"What's this?"-me

"You don't know what a ladder is?"-Michael

Michael gave me the ladder and I am so afraid if heights. I started climbing up the ladder and I already felt sick. I was wobbling and I almost fell. Then all of a sudden Luke caught the loop through my shorts and pushes me gently back on the bus. Then I looked at Michael and he was giving luke a DETH glare. I looked back at Luke and I could feel something grabbing and squeezing my butt. Then I looked back at Michael and laughed.

As I was getting down the ladder I felt Luke's hands run down my sides all the way until he had a good grip on my arms. Then he turned me around and squeezed his hands around my waist. Then gently pushed me up against the bus and he kisses me.

I could feel the kiss getting heated so I pushed luke a tiny bit so that I had enough room to walk away. I looked luke in the eye and said"not now everyone is starring."

I knew nobody saw us I just wanted to go because if Michael saw luke he would be dead. And I had no idea what I got myself into.

~~5minutes later phone call~~


"Hey girl it's me Lara. I just wanted to tell you that me and Cameron are Coming to the house around 5."-Lara

"Ok I'll be ready."-me

*hangs up*

The bus driver dropped me and Luke at the house alone with 2 hours remaining, where did the boys go? I wanted to go to take a nap before we go all crazy with my friends. So I walk in Luke's room seeing that he had the same idea. But I looked around and my bed was gone.

"Luke where's my bed?"-me

"You're friend Lara is sleeping on it in the guest room. So you can sleep with me."-Luke

I walk over to Luke's bed feeling unprepared. I'm staying away from him. I'm not sleeping with my brothers best friend.

I lay in the bed while Luke is snuggling me. All of a sudden I feel this hand go down my back and to my thigh. I knew what he was trying to do, and it's working. I try to keep still but imagine a sexy guy touching you. I couldn't stand it. Until his hands were down my pants.


I turn over facing Luke. Then he turns us around so that he was on top of me. But I kind felt bad I mean Michael. Basically he's my only good bud to hang around with and I'm back stabbing him by sleeping with his bandmate.

But all the negative thoughts went away by Luke undoing the button on my pants. He takes off his shirt while I rip off my pants. Then he takes off his pants and my shirt. Luke raps his arms around my chest unclipping my bra. He ripped my bra off then started kissing in my sweet spot. I moan really loud and luke started laughing at me.

"You're so cute when you moan."

Then he adjust so that I hade time to get comfortable. He kisses up and down my neck and then rams into me. The really cute part was he would check up on me to make sure I was ok. It's going all and well until I hear a door open."shit, I hope that's not Michael!". I look over to the side and then I see Lara with a terrified face. I never seen anyone that shocked in their life.

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