My life isn't normal. My stepbrother is the famous Michael clifford. And I basically have no parents. I have no where to live, so when I move in with Michael and his bandmates what will happen. Will I fight with the boys? Will I date one of them?
What have I gotten myself Into...


4. making mistakes again

Me and Luke got out of bed got dressed then ran down stairs. We found Lara and me and Luke started yelling at the same time so she couldn't understand us.

"Guys slow down, and what did I just witness?"-Lara

"Well today we kissed and it got carried away."-Luke

"But don't tell Michael!"-me

"Why not?"-Lara

"Are you kidding me he wood murder Luke. And he would be mad at me for being with his best friend."- me

She gave us weird looks."the only reason I walked away was because I was super confused, don't you have a boyfriend?"-Lara


"What's wrong?"-Luke

Before I could talk Michael walked in.

"Hey Lara!"-Michael

And he have her a big hug.

"Oh and Luke why the fuck are you only wearing boxers?"-Michael

I could see Luke tense up.

"Because it's Boxing Day?"-Luke

I punched luke in the chest so he could stop talking.

"What luke meant to say was he took a nap before Lara came."- me


"Yea alone why?"- me

I could tell Michael knew something. So we all stood their staring at each other(which was super weird) so then luke randomly blurted out"so clubbing?" All the boys looked at each other and smiled ya lets go. I walked upstairs to get ready to go "clubbing" ashton turned me around and kissed me. He smiled back and said " don't kill me it was a dare. I looked to see all the boys laughing but Luke. I was really confused. So I blurted out "so was Luke sleeping with me a dare"?! I turned to see Luke and his eyes were wide open. Then I turned to see Michael's face. It was lots of things. His eyes were saying "what the fuck Luke", his mouth was shriveled up like he was about to cry and his body was "I'm so grounding you missy". I could tell he wanted to talk so I went to his room. I could hear him walk in the room I was so nervous what he was going to say. So I started crying. Michael walked in the room and ran up and hugged me.

"I didn't mean too!"-me

"Shhhh, it's ok."-Michael

"I love you."-me

"I love you too."-Michael

He looked at me and smiled. Then he wiped my tears away.

"After clubbing IM GOING TO KILL HIM!"-Michael

"Please Michael it wasn't Luke's fault!"-me

" let's just forget about everything."-Michael

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