My life isn't normal. My stepbrother is the famous Michael clifford. And I basically have no parents. I have no where to live, so when I move in with Michael and his bandmates what will happen. Will I fight with the boys? Will I date one of them?
What have I gotten myself Into...


2. heartbreak and another mistake

When I wake up I see the sight of Luke with his butt in the air and drool all over his pillow. I did a little quiet laugh. This was nice, I mean Luke was snoring all night, but it was better than being up all night with a guy you don't even like. It was relaxing and I wanted it to last forever.

I heard Michael wake up and I wanted to talk to him. So I ran to his room and jumped on top of him and pined his arms down

"Hey sleepy."-me

"The hell get off of me!"- Michael

Michael groans really loud and tries wipes his tired eyes. He groaned so loud I got off of him so people in the house to get suspicious.

"What's wrong?"-Michael

"What do you mean?"-me

"You jumped off of me, your always hugging me until I push you off. What's wrong?"-Michael

"I don't want people thinking that we're having sex."-me

I don't know why but I always get in to weird moments were I imagine me and Michael having sex.. I mean like he's my step brother so it's not like anything-- OMG stop thinking of stuff like that. He's you're brother. Step brother. Anyway...

"But you're my sister?"-Michael

"Ya but step sister they don't know what we could be up to."-me

"Umm ok.....So what's up?"-Michael

"I'm kinda freaking out because I went into Luke's bathroom and I opened this black box and now I'm scared."-me

"The condoms? really that's what your worried about. Ashton got him that for Christmas as a joke so when you come. He won't try anything on you, I hope. And not to be mean but I know you and when you get the chance with not even someone you like you just go for it."-Michael

"Great so now I'm a slut?"-me

I walked out of Michael's room slamming the door behind me. I walked back in Luke's room and I see that the box was gone and Luke is doing his hair.

"Hey lukey!"-me

"Hey cutie."-Luke

"So what do you have planned for us today?"-me

"Today we are washing our tour bus because if we do we get paid. And then were just meeting up with some friends."-Luke


"Your friend Lara."-Luke

As I looked at luke I see he only has underwear on. I couldn't stop starring at his bare chest and his abs.

"So why don't you have cloths on?"-me

"I don't know maybe I should start showing off my body knowing that I used to be fucking ugly, but apparently I'm not anymore."-Luke

"Aww Luke I didn't mean to last night."-me

I ran up to him and hugged him, but I could see in his face that he was blushing. But the hug I could tell was a little weird. My hands were right above his butt. Then I kissed his chest which was another terrible mistake. I looked in his eyes then he leaned in to kiss me but then I took two steps back.

"I'm going to get dressed now see you in a little."-me

I felt so bad, I basically rejected him in the worse way. I keep giving him the wrong ideas like that we were a thing. I wish I could make up my mind and do the right things.

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