1. Why Us?


Hello, my name is Sophie Johnson. My friend Jamie and I both are in an adoption agency. We knew each other before we ended up in this joint. My family and her family we going on vacation together. The car we all were in was hit pretty badly. Jamie and I are the only ones who survived it. I was supposed to go live with my dad's great uncle. But the agency couldn't find him. So I'm stuck here. But at least I'm here with Jamie. We've been here for about 10 years now. We are 16 and 17. Jamie is 17 and I'm 16. Nobody wants us. So we are stuck here. Jamie gets out when she turns eight-teen. But I will be stuck here without her. Anyways, today is a meet and greet. Everyone here was pretty friendly. But that's when a whole bunch of security walked in. I stood up on the table to see who it was. "Jamie" I whispered. "It's One Direction" I said into her ear. "Hello, I'm Harry Styles, and we are One Direction. We are looking for two girls between the age of 15-17. Do you have what we are looking for?" He said. "All girls between the ages of 15-17 get down here, get in a line please." Miss. Taylor yelled. She is actually very nice. Jamie and I got at the end of the line. The boys started at the beginning of the line. Once they got down to us, my eyes met the emerald green eyes of Harry Styles. "Alright, let me talk to the boys and we will decide. Just one moment please." Harry said softly. Jamie and I looked at each other with excitement and worry. "Alright, the lads and I have decided. We choose..." There was a pause. "These two fine young ladies at the end!" He said pointing at Jamie and I. "Girls, I would like you to meet One Direction! Mr. Styles, this is Miss. Sophie Johnson and Miss. Jamie Valbracht." Hello, I'm Harry Styles. It's my pleasure to meet you both gorgeous ladies." I put my hand out to shake his after he shook Jamie's, but instead he pulled me into a hug and whispered "you're gorgeous. I'll make sure that you are Nialls little sister instead." I just nodded. I didn't want to upset him.


"I'll take your bags, and follow me." I said walking out the door. She followed behind me. We all got into the car and drove home. "Your rooms aren't finished yet. Just giving you a heads up!" I Said looking at Sophie. We sat next to each other in the car. "But, if you like, you can share a room with me?" I said wondering what she might say. "Sure, Harry, I'd love to share with you." And with that she was asleep on my shoulder. "Hey, love wake up we're home!" I said jumping up and down in the car. She woke up and got out of the car. "I'll show you my room." She followed me upstairs to my room. I sat her things down in a corner as she wondered around the room. I starred at her as she glided her small fingers on everything. She looked at me and blushed. She walked up to me and jumped on me. Making me fall onto the bed. We both laughed. "Hey Har... Oh gosh sorry did I interrupt something?" Louis said laughingly. "Nope I was just happy I'm living with my Idols!" Sophie said. Making louis and I blush. I jumped up off the bed and hugged her. She didn't seem to mind it. "Hey, Jamie come down here sis!" Said Liam yelling at the top of his lungs. "Wait? So now I'm Liam's Sister?!" Jamie said giggling. Zayn came up the stairs and grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder. They would make a cute couple.


I wonder why Harry wants me to be Nialls Sister so bad? "Hey... Harry?" I said kindly. "What's up?" He said starring at me. "Why do you want me to be Nialls little sister?" I asked. "So I can do this!" He said grabbing my face and kissing me. I released and I looked at him with shock. He looked away from me. I grabbed his arm and pulled him into a hug. "Thank you." I said, and kissed his check. "Look, I know Niall is like your best friend, and I don't want to ruin your friendship." I sighed

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