Keeping something a secret has his price.


1. chapter 1

Her moans filled the dirty hotel room. "Lose yourself, you slut." Luke whispered in her ear as he trusted inside her. She already gotten used to the fact that Luke calls her names, but somehow she couldn't lose herself. "Don't make me say it again." He groaned as he banged inside her. She didn't even moan when he picked up speed. "Fuck off, whore!" He slabbed her hard, in her face. She screamed out of pain and Luke let out a soft laugh. "That's better, hooker. Scream!" He hit her again and again, making Elena cry her eyes out. The pain was killing her, but he didn't care. He got turned on by it. Once he cummed, he pulled out and hardly pushed her off the bed. "You are becoming worthless, you little piece of shit." She grabbed her clothes and quickly put them on. "I want something better next week or I'll tell Matt." She swallowed and looked down, before grabbing her bag. "Now go, you whore." He said and she ran out his room.

Tears stream down her face as she took her phone. She had some messages and she quickly opened them. Ash, Cal and Matt.

Matt: Have you done your job well?

She decided not to reply and put it away.

She went downstairs and walked out the hotel. She sat down the ground and hid her face in her thighs. She couldn't do this anymore. "El?" A familiar voice made her look up. Fuck, not now. "Hi Ash..."

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