Stormy with Enigma on the beach. Don't ask whats going on. Or about what will be going on. Or how this happened. Just know Stormy was cold, okee?


2. Why?

Long story:

Jordan and I have this roleplay chat. You never know whats gonna happen. One second we could be practicing our fighting skills and the next we could be cuddling. As you can tell, we are very close. He's the first person I tell when something is bothering me. I've begun to realize that I'm always cold. I roleplayed "*rubs arms to try to warm up*" and Jordan roleplayed "*pulls <insert my real name here> close and starts to cuddle her*". VyrissTheVixen (Check out her deviantART!) also inspired me to make this with her "cuddle with me #2". I even used the same shading method. There ya go. Thats how/why this art was created. I also just wanted to see if I could make something like this. It was also to test Artstudio. I was listening to music the whole time and I ended with 16 layers. 

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