I Miss you..

I Love you Harry.. Why did you have to do this, Why did you take your life? I'll miss you Haz, Love BooBear

**My Movella, My credit**


4. I Love You so Much

Hazza,   It's been so hard.. I want you to hold me in your arms and tell me it's going to be alright. I want to see your smile, Your beautiful green eyes.. Just one more time. I've been a wreck.. I miss you so much. I want my Hazza back.. I want to be able to kiss you passionately. I want to sway with you while singing. I understand why you took your precious life.. But it really isn't fair.. I can't bear to stand the world with out my beautiful boyfriend. You know.. I went into your closet the other day to put on one of your sweaters.. I found the ring.. I knew you were going to propose to me.. I wear it all the time, I wear your sweaters all the time.. I sleep in your bed and I sit at your spot at the table.. I hardly leave the house but If I do, I listen to music.. The only music I listen to is of you singing.. It hurts Hazza.. It hurts so much. I want everything to be okay again.. I want to be with you, I tried to stop you.. But you locked the door and I couldn't get it open.. I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry.. I love you my precious prince.. Always in my heart <3 

Love, BooBear

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