I Miss you..

I Love you Harry.. Why did you have to do this, Why did you take your life? I'll miss you Haz, Love BooBear

**My Movella, My credit**


2. Dear, Hazza

Dear, Hazza..                                                                        

I still can't believe your gone, I remember coming home that night.. Louis was crying.. Then after that everything was a blur. Everything still is  a blur. My life is a boring piece of shit with out you.  No body talks any more.. There's no point, Right before leaving for the club. You seemed upset.. I should of stayed, But I didn't.. I went, But something wasn't right. I could feel it in my stomach. We left early, We knew Louis was with you, but still I was really worried.. We should of stayed home that night.. We should have been there for you, We should have known.. But now it's  too late.. I will never ever get to see your smile, Or the way you look at Louis again.. Hazza I miss you so much it's unbelievable.. I haven't touched my guitar in so long.. But tonight I'll make an exception.. I'm going to write a song for you.. I'm going to sing it all night long until I fall asleep crying in pain. Nothing will ever be the same with out you... Well I guess this is a goodbye until I write to you again.. Goodbye my Brother..

Love, Your Crazy Mofo Niall...

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