I Miss you..

I Love you Harry.. Why did you have to do this, Why did you take your life? I'll miss you Haz, Love BooBear

**My Movella, My credit**


3. Dear, Haz

Dear, Haz                                      

It's crazy how different it is around here, We miss you tons. It so different without you. Sophia and I are doing great.. Louis is a terrible wreck, I keep thinking about how much our lives have changed. If it weren't for you we wouldn't of made it here.. I miss you so much Haz.. So So Much.. Simon always brings you up, Louis ends up storming out of the room and Simon gets mad. It's so fucking crazy.. We really do miss you, We wish you never did take your life.. But you did.. Damn management, Why couldn't they let you two be happy? Anyway's I've got to go.. I'll see you in another life time...



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