I Miss you..

I Love you Harry.. Why did you have to do this, Why did you take your life? I'll miss you Haz, Love BooBear

**My Movella, My credit**


1. Dear, Harry

Dear, Harry...                                                                                                            

Why did you have to do this? We all loved you like a brother. You were such a big part off our lives. You know management tried to get us to make a new album.. We couldn't, They tried to get us to go on tour. We couldn't.. Not with out you, One Direction isn't One Direction with out Harry. One Direction is nothing now, Us four all live together, We grieve.. It's been 4 months. Four months since you took your life. Four months that have killed us inside. Why did you do it? why? That night.. When we got back from the club, The bathroom door was locked.. Louis was begging for you to unlock it. But by the time we got it open, You were gone.. Louis, Oh poor Louis, Nearly stopped breathing. He nearly choked from all his tears. He loved you Haz. Way more than a brother. You were his soul mate, He loved you like the way I love Perrie. He's torn now, He hardly eats, Sleeps, or talks. We are worried about him.. I keep forgetting your gone, I come home from a meeting and call out for you. But then I realize you aren't there. I never got a proper goodbye, I never got to say goodnight, We never got to do another concert, or go boarding. I never got to talk to you about all my problems, Or tell you about Perrie. You should remember, You helped me plan out how to propose to Perrie. It was all your idea.. You were gone before I got to Propose but when I did.. Perrie knew you had helped me. She could tell. She asked me "Was this Harry's Idea?" I nodded, We hugged for so long, Crying, grieving..  We miss you Haz.. We miss you so much, I miss you Haz.. 


DJ Malik

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