New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


9. chapter 9

Back to Kats P.O.V

Luke told the Taxi driver his address and he put his hand on my thigh.

'I have never done this before..' I told him

'We don't have to if you don't want to.' He tells me

'No I want to' I say

The taxi pulls up to Luke's house.

'Is anyone home?' I ask

'No they had a party to go to, so it's just us tonight'

'Ok, Luke I am really nervous. But I bought a condom just incase anything happened'

'Ok well do you want to go to my room?'


We kissed until we got to his room he opened his door. He helped me take off my dress and I helped him take off his top. He pushed me onto his bed he lays on top of me he kisses my forehead then my lips then down to my panties.

He slowly takes them off and goes lower and lower and he starts to lick my clit. I ruffled my hand through his hair and I bite my lip with a smile. It starts to hurt a little so I let out moan and another until I was breathing really fast

'I think I am going to cum!' I say panting I bit my hand and I let out a low scream he was done there. Then I went to give him a blowjob. He was almost grunting. But once he was done I was don't then he laid on top of me. I still had my bra on and I gave him the condom and then he put it on. I took my bra off.

'Are you sure?' He says while he was laying on top of me

'Im sure' I whisper then I kissed him. I bit my lip and put my hand on my forehead. Then he put the tip of his penis on the opening of my vagina he looked at me and I nodded. He put it in I moaned quite loud. He started to thrust in and out of me, he picked up speed as we got further into the sex.

I put my hands through his hair and slightly pulled it. I pushed his face close to mine and said 'Faster' then 'FASTER LUKE FASTER!'

He did as I command. After a while we stopped, his sweaty body lay next to mine.

'That was really good' I tell him

'You weren't too bad for your first time' he tells me

'Shut up' I say jokingly and I threw a pillow at his face.

We both laugh. Then I say 'thank you for the sex, I-I I love you. Goodnight'

'I love you too!' He tells me.

I turned around facing the wall. Then Luke's pulls my naked body towards his and spoons me. I smiled. He had his hands wrapped around my lower half. I take one of his hands and bring it closer to my face. I kissed his hand and I said to him

'You know there is one thing you haven't done to me yet'

'Yeah, what's that?' He asked

'Touch my boobs' I reply

'Can I?' He asks

'I don't care..' I say

He moved his hand to my boob and he grabbed it I started to laugh

'Whats funny' he asks

'Nothing, that's just a sensitive spot that's all' I tell him

'Is my baby girl ticklish?' He said

'Maybe.. But Luke I'm tired and sore can we please go to bed. He nodded and kissed my shoulder. He moved his hand back down to meet his other hand at my waist

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