New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


7. chapter 7

Luke kept a tight grip of my hand letting me know that he wasn't going to let go no matter what.

Someone was opening the door, we both put on a smile until the door was fully open and to our surprise Calum opened the door. At first he looked at our hands I felt bad but Luke wouldn't let go. Then Calum smiled

'Where have you guys been!?' He asks all happily

'I got my car washed. Where have you been!' Luke asks

'I will tell you the whole story later, come in!' Calum says

Luke still had my hand he was seriously not going to let go, don't get me wrong I love holding his hand but like our hands were getting sweaty and gross.

'Are you two going out now?' Aston asks

Luke smiled and so did I

'Naww that's cute!' Michael said walking through these double doors with a bag of Doritos. I giggled but then I stopped when Calum asked to talk to Luke. Privately.

Luke and Calum walked through some doors while I just stood in the lounge room

'Take a seat' Michael tells me pointing to the available seats. I sat down and smiled.

'You hungry?' Michael asks trying to make conversation

'No, thank you though!' I respond. There was an awkward silence for a bit until I spoke up. 'When were you guys planning to tell me, you know. You're famous!'

They looked at each other 'well we kind of knew that you would find out so we didn't need to tell you..' Ashton says

'Fair point.. But still it's a pretty big secret to keep.' I say

'We know but we just wanted you to find out for yourself and now you know and all is well and good.' Michael explains

I shrugged my shoulders and left it at that.

Luke and Calum walked out of the room they were in laughing and nudging each other

'So your not mad?' Luke asks

'Hey as long as your happy, I'm happy! Can we please practise?' Calum says

'Look we are here to get away from always practising 24/7! Let's do something fun? Katrina have you got a fake ID?' Michael says

I nodded 'why?' I asked

'We are going to a club!' Ashton says

I smiled and giggled as Luke walks up to me and puts his hand around my waist I looked at him and pecked his cheek forgetting that there were other people in the room. Luke looked at me and smiled I smiled back.

'Well I will take her back to her place because I am her neighbour, is that ok Lucas?' Calum says

Luke giggled a bit and nodded 'but I am going to pick her up when she is ready. I want to be the first one to see how beautiful she looks.' Luke says smiling at me.

'Ok it's all sorted we will met at the club near Ashton's' Michael says

We all go in separate directions, I hugged Luke and went into Calum's car.

'Are you happy?' Calum asks

'Yeah, I thought Sydney was going to be shit. But it isn't as bad as I thought.'

'When do you start school?'

'I start on Wednesday' I answered

'Hhmm, do you drink?'


'Good' he says

What is he planning to do? Get me completely wasted.? I used to date this guy back in Adelaide and he was an alcoholic and he got me into drinking but I broke up with him when he tried to get in my pants. And I also broke up with him because he is an abusive man, he is the main reason that we left Adelaide and I hate him for making me leave my friends behind. I still have bruises on my legs and stomach, that's why I never wear short tops that show my stomach or and shorts or skirts, when I wear them it reminds me of him, and I don't want to be reminded of him ever again.

We pull up in Calum's driveway I thank him for driving me home and I hug him shortly and then go into my house to get ready.

I have another shower because I smell like cheap soap and it smells disgusting I take my clothes off and hop into the shower I had a long shower like I usually do and I always use up all the hot water, that really annoys my parents. A lot. But I like to be clean. When I got out of the shower I wrapped a towel around myself and left the bathroom leaving watery footprints to my room.

I got my sexy underwear on just incase, and I slipped on my party dress which is black with silver diamontes around the neck of the dress, I wrapped my hair in a different towel and went down stairs to the kitchen.

My mum was making a salad until she saw me

'What party are you going to?' She asked

'I was invited to one today by Calum's friend.' I say. She doesn't know about my fake ID so I just tell her that I'm going to a party.

'Oh, is this friend a boy?' My mum asks

'Not just any boy.. I think we are going out.' I say

Mum looked surprised 'we have only been here for a few days and you are already going steady with someone!' She said smiling. 'I am happy for you my dear' she finished

'Thank you mum.' I say grabbing a banana and as I was about to walk through the doors to the hallway my mum says to me

'Oh Kat my dear I have something for you.' She reaches into her bag and throws something at me. I catch it and looked at the condom in my hand 'don't forget to use protection.' She continues to say, she is smiling at me. I smile back at her and I start to laugh I tucked the condom into my bra and walked into my room peeling my banana.

I look at my window and I notice that the blinds were open and I seen Calum standing outside his house at the letterbox. 'Oh shit' I say running to my window quickly shutting the blinds. I wonder how long he was standing there? Man that is embarrassing!

I get a hair dryer and plugged it into the wall I started to dry my hair. Once it was dry I curl it but I make it look natural. I put on some make up and then looked in the mirror I was satisfied with how I looked then I chose some black high heels that weren't too high but not too short. I looked at the time and it was already 5:00pm I texted Luke saying 'I'm ready.' And he texted back 'alright I'll be about 10 minutes x' I waited in my lounge room and I seen my brother on the recliner chair and he was watching myth busters. An add came on and he looked at me

'Wow you look beautiful!' He says meaningfully

'Thanks Jye.'

'So who is he? Is he anything like Dylan?'

'His name is Luke and he is from that band that songs the song that mum likes. And no he is nothing like Dylan, he is sweet and kind.' I reply

'Good well have fun tonight!' He says to me

'I will!' I say

We watch myth busters together for a little bit, until the bell rang. Jye jumped right off of his seat and he ran to the door. I followed him to the door, but he was beaten by my dad. My mum was behind him.

Dad opened the door and tried to act really tough

'I am here to pick up Katrina.' He says

My mum gives me the thumbs up

'I am here' I say pushing through my dad and brother 'see you guys tomorrow!' I say waving to my family

They shut the door

'Sorry about them' I say

'Its ok they are just being protective, it's normal!' He says

I looked to the floor and smiled

'Don't hide your beautiful smile.' Luke says lifting up my chin with his hand he leans in for a kiss, I kissed back.

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