New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


6. chapter 6

I caught Luke staring at me with his beautiful blue eyes, but when I saw him staring he looked away.

'We will find them, you know that, they couldn't have gone far at all, it's a small place.' I say

He just nodded not a word was spoken. He kept his eyes on the road for a while until we came to a stop

'Why are we stopping?' I asked

'Look Kat I know that we only met a few days ago but I haven't felt this way in a long time' he explains

'What are you getting at?' I asked

'I like you but I can't like you because someone else likes you..' He told me

I was shocked that he likes me, I mean me out of all people! He likes a chubby girl from Adelaide out of every girl in the world!

'Calum likes me, doesn't he..' I ask

'Yeah.. How did you know?' He said

'Well he kissed me yesterday.. But he knows that I don't feel that way about him and we are all cool now, everything is sorted.' I tell him

He looks as if he was half expecting that to happen 'Who do you you like then? That is if you don't mind me asking..' He asks

I look at him and lean forward and I gave him a kiss, it was long and passionate then I broke the kiss then I looked at Luke then we started to kiss again, it is hard to explain how I felt it was an amazing kiss, it felt so right.

'You're a fucking good kisser!' He tells me

'Your not too bad yourself' I tell him

We laugh and then Luke tells me 'We can't tell anybody until the time is right.'

'I understand Calum is your best friend and you don't want to hurt him.' I tell him 'can we still do this though?' I ask

He nods quickly and then we lean and start to kiss again until about 5 minutes later, when he got a text from Ashton saying 'found them, meet you guys at Michaels.'

'They found them, were meeting at Michael's. Is that alright?' Luke asks

I nodded and then we were I our way to Michaels 'I've never been to Michaels before..' I tell Luke

'Its ok there is nothing to be scared of, and plus I will be there if you need anything' he tells me

We laughed until he puts his hand on my leg I smiled, I felt really special. Why can't all guys make you feel like this?

On the way to Michaels house, Luke and I we were mucking around, we stopped at this car wash thing, Luke and I stopped and helped to clean our car, well Luke helped clean the car because I was busy texting Amy, until Luke comes up from behind me hugging me and picking me up with his soapy hands. He started to wipe all of the soapy liquid all over my clothes and my face, it was all through my hair, I decided to turn around while he still had me in the air, he slowly pulls me down until our faces met, we looked at each other and we smiled, I started to laugh and then he kisses me, I swear that this kiss was so much better then the other kisses, it was so much more passionate and so good, he planted me back on the floor I look down and smiled to the ground, Luke tucks a piece of my behind my ear and lifted my head up,

'You really are beautiful..' He tells me

'So are you, I mean..' I say

'I know what you mean..' He says kissing me again he breaks the kiss, 'I think I'm falling for you..' He tells me

'I think I'm falling for you too..' I say staring deeply into his amazing blue eyes then I say 'We need to go!'

'Shit I totally forgot about them!' He says

We hop into his cleaned car and drive. We were a few streets away from Michaels house, I was kind of scared because it's a new place and a completely new environment but I keep it together until we arrive to his house,

'Wow! His house is awesome!' I say

'Wait until you get inside!' Luke says

We walk out the car and Luke grabs my hand,

'What happened to 'they can't know'?' I ask

'I don't care anymore, I really like you.. And he just has to accept that.' He answers

We walk to the door hand in hand and Luke rings the door bell.


Sorry another short chapter! I ran out of things to write about, yet again.. Sorry!

I will update soon I promise! 😄

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