New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


5. chapter 5

I woke up around 7am earlier then usual but I woke up to a text on my phone from Calum, 'I am so sorry, I treasure our friendship and can things just like you know, not get awkward between us?'.

I ignored it and went to have a shower, I stripped off and went in. All I could think about when I was in the shower was how Calum kissed me, he was a good kisser but I only just met him a few days ago..

When I got out of the shower I couldn't help thinking about how Ashton had to leave all of a sudden and who is Lauren and Harry?

I got dressed in my black skinny jeans and a grey Nirvana top with my long red hair down on one side, and my black vans.

I just sit on my bed for a bit, thinking about Shan and Amy, and how much I miss them, then I start to think about school, it's Monday and I go to school on Wednesday.

I replied to Calum's text saying 'it's ok Calum, it won't get awkward. Next time just think about what you're doing..!' And he sent back a smiley face.

I was glad that, that was all over. I stared at my blank, boring white walls and so I got my blue tack and posters out and I started to stick them on my wall. I have a big Nirvana poster, a poster that just says Blink-182, Green Day, One Direction posters, Ariana Grande and a GRL poster but I noticed that on the back of the poster there was 4 familiar boys on it.

'Calum's band is 5 Seconds of Summer..' I say allowed

I went straight on my phone and texted Calum 'why didn't you tell me! It's kind of important don't you think! 😁'

He didn't text back so I just listened to my music on my iTube, I searched up 5 Seconds of Summer and so many things came up. I didn't know what to do so I started to scroll out of the iTube but I accidentally tapped one of the things. And this song started to play. 'I can't look at you in the same light, knowing what you did my heart doesn't feel right.' I thought to myself 'this is actually petty good.'

I put the song on replay and hum along to the song until I heard a knock on my window. I opened my blinds and there was Ashton and Luke standing outside my house. I walked to my front door and as soon as I opened it they barged in.

'Do you know where Calum and Michael are! This is serious if you knew who we were then you would understand..' Ashton asked

'No and I found out who you guys were this morning, pretty impressive! Do you need help looking for them?' I asked

They nodded and I yelled out 'mum, dad I am going out with Calum's friends to go and get Calum!' I could hear their groans from downstairs. I grabbed my phone and my bag and left with them.

'It would be better if we split up, I am happy to go by myself but Luke is so clingy and it is so fucking annoying! So Kat go with Luke in his car and I will go in mine, meet up at Maccas at 12 and if you guys find them call me, Luke give Kat my number, ok let's go!' Ashton says

I nodded alright, I wonder where they are? I hope they're ok!

In the meantime I was stuck in a car with Luke and he happens to be famous, what could go wrong! Absolutely nothing!


Sorry this chapter is so short but I couldn't find enough things to put in this chapter! Sorry there will be more updates probably tomorrow but I am going on holidays for 2 weeks beginning tomorrow after school so I won't be able to update for a while after tomorrow

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