New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


40. chapter 40

It has been a while since Kat died.

Chloe and Ashton are engaged.

So are Mikey and Shan.

Calum hasn't worked up the courage to propose to Amy.

Luke has finally found someone. Her name is Samantha. She reminds him of Kat. But no one can ever replace her.

Kat's dad got cancer and died. So that leaves Kat's mum on her own some.

Jye and Charlotte are married with twins. Their names are Aaron and Jaymie.

5 Seconds of Summer are still together after 15 years and still in the top 10 all over the world.

The world seems to be back to normal. And everyone is happy again.

Kat has been deeply missed by everyone. People still right R.I.P Katrina Karnett on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page. She was loved and she has never been forgotten.

The last A/N

Thank you everyone for reading. Unfortunately this fan-fic has came to an end. If I must say the ending could've been better but oh well. I am writing a few more after this as well but you guys will have to wait and see. The next one I am writing is a Calum Hood fan-fic called growing up. I hope you guys continue to read my fan-fics. Thank you to everyone who read this one and actually liked it. Thank you guys so much! You're all beautiful! ❤️

Much love S.J! 👋❤️

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