New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


4. chapter 4

We were just about get out of the car until Ashton texted Luke back saying 'sorry man I will probably be late just get me the usual 🍟🍔'

'Wonder what's going on..' Calum says

Michael spots some teenage girls looking and pointing at them 'maybe we should just go through the drive through, look..' He pointed to them and Calum looked and pulled out of the park.

'You might want to put your head down until we leave Kat.' Luke tells me

'What do you know those girls or something?' I ask

'Nope, but they no us and sometimes they can get a little bit crazy' he responds

I gave him a confused look

'You don't know who we are, do you?' He asks

'No, why should I, I'm from a smallish suburb in Adelaide. And your from Sydney.'

'Do you never listen to the radio..?!' Michael butts in

'Sometimes but I usually listen to Blink-182 or Nirvana or Green Day, sometimes even Fountains of Wayne. There is no need to listen to the radio..' I answered

'I like her, she is one of the only teenagers that don't know who we are, how this happened I don't know, do you live in a box or do you have no friends..?!' Michael asked

'No I live in a house and I have friends they are coming here for about 3 weeks in about 2 months we're going to a concert for my friend Shans birthday, I don't know who we are going to see but I don't mind I love live shows.' I answer

'Luke can you text Ashton to meet me back at mine? Tell him he will still get his Maccas order' Calum asked

'Yeah we need to hurry up though they are getting close!' Luke said

'Kat what do you want?' Calum asked

'I will just have a small Big Mac with large fries and a large frozen coke' I answered

Michael huffed as if he was impressed, I just smiled. Calum spoke through the window and said

'Hey it's Calum and I was just wondering if I could get uhh the usual for me, Luke, and Ashton and also a small Big Mac with large fries and a large frozen coke?'

'Sure no problem, was that the usual and a small Big Mac with large fries and a large frozen coke?' The person on speaking through the machine said

'Yep that's the one.' Calum replied

'Ok that will be $35.70 please drive down to the second window thanks.' She replied

Luke payed for him and I and I started to eat my fries first

'Why aren't you tucking into your burger!' Michael asked

'I have this thing about eating my fries while they are still hot and then stacking some into my burger..' I answered

He raised his eyebrows and I couldn't help but notice he has a eyebrow piercing.

'Nice eyebrow piercing.!' I said, he had is mouth full of food so all his answer was, was a wink and a head nod.

It was a very silent ride home because we were all eating so Calum puts a CD on and to my surprise it was Stacey's mum by the Fountains of Wayne.

Calum started to sing it and then Michael joined them Luke so I thought what the hell and I joined in to.

'You know this song? Luke asks

'Who doesn't? My brother used to listen to this all the time when he was my age.' I replied

'How old are you by the way?' Calum asks looking through the review mirror

'Oh' I say swallowing the fries I put in my mouth 'I'm 16. How old are you guys?'

'Well I'm 18, Luke's 18, Michael's 19 and Ashton's 20.'

'Oh yeah' I say looking at Luke.

'So when do you start school?' Michael asks

'On Wednesday, Calum and Luke do you still go to school or did you graduate or drop out or anything' I asked

'We dropped out, when you get to know us you'll find out why' Calum responded

I nodded slowly. And then we pulled into Calum's driveway

'It's only 4:30 and my parents expect me home at 6, can I just chill at yours?' I asked

'You don't need to ask, your always welcome!' Calum told me

I giggled and we all went out of the car then into the house.

'My parents aren't home so you can do what ever you want.'

Luke and Michael stay down stairs in the kitchen waiting for Ashton while Calum takes me up to his room.

'You have a nice room' I say looking around

'You can sit on my bed if you want.' He tells me

I smiled and sat down on the bed he sat next to me he started to talk.

'So do you know what band your seeing in a few weeks?'

'5... Something... Of... Something'

'5 Seconds of Summer?'

'Yeah that's the one!, don't they sing that song that goes like 'I wish that I could wake up with amnesia'?'

'Yep, there the ones'

'I like that song, I've heard my mum singing it, a lot!'

He laughed and he looked at me he took out his hand an tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear, I looked at him but his lips were centimetres away from mine, I felt his hot breath on my lower face, then his soft, moist lips touched mine. I did like it, but it just didn't feel right so I pulled away.

'Whats wrong?' Calum asked

'Calum, I like you but I don't like you like that.. It doesn't feel right, I think I should go..' I answered

'No don't go I'm sorry!' He told me

'It's ok you were just confused but I need some time to get my head around what just happened I'm sorry I'll see you tomorrow?' I tell him

'Uhh yeah' he says putting hand through his hair.

I walked through the house until I got to the kitchen

'Oh hey Ashton!' I say

'Hey Kat!' He responds

'Sorry guys but I have to go..'

'Can I walk you home?' Luke asks

I nodded and he came and stood by my side I waved good bye to Michael and Ashton.

When we walked out the front it was kind of silent. We just walked until we got to my door. 'Thank you for walking me home you didn't have to.'

'It was a pleasure! I will see you tomorrow yeah? We might be going to Michaels tomorrow so do t forget to ask your parents..'

I giggled and nodded my head he hugged me tight and then let go. I waved at him 'see you tomorrow Luke!' I said walking through my front door.

'Mum I am going out again with Calum tomorrow!' I say

'Ok honey! We put the whole bed in your room, I hope you like it!'

'Thank-you mum I am sure I will!'

I walk to my room and just drop to my bed I was so exhausted I fell asleep.

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