New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


39. chapter 39

Luke's P.O.V

It has been a few days since Kat passed away and we are finalising her funeral. We have nearly everything ready. The speeches are ready and the playlists are organised the place is organised the place we go to after to have lunch is organised and Kat's dead body laying in her coffin at the church place. Now all we are all on our way. The food is the only thing that isn't organised. When we get there we will have to get that ready.

When we got there Kat's mum went to get cupcakes and sandwiches from the local shops.

I could tell today was going to be a bad day.

People started to arrive all crying and wearing black. Children of all ages came some of her fans came. It's nice that my fans have became her fans well they were her fans...

Everytime that I saw her coffin there and the thought of her body laying there makes me want to cry.

Once everyone was there and seated we given them a little booklet thing with like information and a few photos of her in it. When the ceremony is over everyone will leave with a cd thing that contains photos of her and in the background her favourite songs.

The priest came up to the stand. He started to say his speech. Once he finished his he welcomed everyone who had a speech prepared to come up to the stand.

First it was her mum, then her dad, then Jye, then Amy, then Shan then it was my turn.

As I walk up to the stand I feel an urge to cry hysterically. But I don't.

'Hello everyone. As you have heard or experienced, Katrina was an absolute angel. She was so beautiful, she was a kind, smart, and lovely person. Everyone who had met her fell in love with her, I know I did. I remember the first day we met she was so cute and she looked so beautiful. Even if she was stuffing her face with banana bread. She was absolutely beautiful in my eyes. But this speech isn't supposed to be about our story, it's supposed to be about hers. She was a young girl from a smallish big suburb in Adelaide. She left her home to come to Sydney. She moved into Calum's neighbour hood and she overheard our band rehearsing. She fell in love with the way we played. I know that she fell in love with my voice because she would always ask me to sing for her. She bruised her coxic bone because I jumped on her while she was on a swing and the swing broke. We were on our way back home from the hospital because she had to get another X-Ray on her coxic bone to see if she was fit enough to walk. Bad news, she was devastated. Kat and I sat in the back together I could see that she was upset so I kissed her and I told her I loved her, she said it back and that's when a car drove into us, that's the moment when our lives changed forever. I know that if Kat was here right now and she seen everyone crying she would tell you to stop crying because it will make her cry. That's why I am trying my hardest not to cry, but it's so hard. She was my everything, the love of my life. She was too young to go. It shouldn't have been her. It shouldn't of been anyone. No one deserves to feel what we are all feeling today. Kat, we need to you know that we all love you and we will miss you every single day. I love you Kat, I love you so much.' I said my speech and looked up at everyone. They were nearly all crying. I think some people stopped because if she was here then they knew that she would cry also.

As the funeral went on there were many more tears. I held it together, for the whole day, I held it together. It was painful for me to watch. Well the love of my life is officially gone. At least she had a good send off.

When everyone was finished with the speaking they played her favourite song.

'Now it's time for Katrina's favourite song.' The priest said.

As we all wait for the song to come on it was all silent. The song finally came on. It was new thang by redfoo. I know many people laughed. I know I did. Classic Kat.

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