New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


37. chapter 37

Luke's P.O.V

4 months later.

I haven't been coping very well since the accident. Kat's mum is fine and I am ok apart from my broken heart.

I have been going to the hospital everyday. The doctors say there is a 70% chance that she won't wake up. So much for being positive. I have been very secluded lately I haven't been out anywhere apart from my house. Calum and the boys are trying to change that but I just don't want to go out.

I was on my way to the hospital and Calum kept on calling me. I kept on ignoring him. I just wanted to see Kat.

When I got to the hospital I went straight up to her room. Once I got there there were doctors surrounding her, it looked as if they were trying to resuscitate her.. What the fuck is going on? I ran up to the door when suddenly I was pulled back by a doctor.

'You can't see her.' He said bluntly.

'Let go of me. What the fuck is going on in there!?' I yell.

'She stopped breathing.' He said.

My heart felt like there was an actual physical hole in it.

'What.' I say as the doctor released me from his grip.

'She stopped..' He was saying before I cut him off.

'I know what you said.' I snap at him.

He huffs then walks away.

I need to see her. I need to call Jye, and Calum and Shan and Amy.. Fuck.

Shans P.O.V

I was taking my drivers licence test when Luke called me telling me about Kat and he told me that Calum is coming to pick me and Amy up since she is with me. When I told Amy she started to cry.

'Is she dead?' She asks

'I don't-I don't know.' I say as a tear rolled down my face. 'Calums picking us up now. I think the rest of the boys are with him anyway.' I continue.

It was about 5 minutes after mine and Amy's quick conversation ended that Calum and the boys pulled up. We ran to the car and drove to the hospital to see Kat for which could be the last time.

When we got to the hospital Jye and Charlotte and Chloe and Kat's mum and dad were there. Crying like never before.

'Hey is she still not breathing?' I ask

'The machine is the only thing keeping her alive...' Luke says not daring to make any eye contact.

'We should all go in and speak to her individually then.' Amy suggests.

'Yeah that's a good idea. Who first?' Calum says

'Me. I'm first.' Luke says as he got up and walked into the room.

He sat down and I could see him cry along with everyone else.

'How is he going to cope?' I ask

'I have no idea.' Ashton says.

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