New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


36. chapter 36

Luke's P.O.V

I woke up feeling so strange. I woke up with Calum, Ashton, and Mikey in the same room as me. I groaned as their heads dart towards me.

'Luke oh my god! You're alive!' Michael says

'Yeah of course I am. What happened?' I ask trying to sit up but getting major head spins instead.

'You were in a serious car accident.' Calum says

'Wheres Kat?' I ask looking around and noticing that she is nowhere to be seen.

'Kat is uhh not awake yet.' Calum says

'What do you mean not awake yet?' I ask

'Well she has slipped into another coma. There is a possibility that she won't wake up.' Ashton says not daring to give eye contact. I close my eyes and I feel that they are getting sore so I open them up. All my tears flow out.

'Luke. I am sure she will wake up. Remember to be positive ok you can't afford to not be positive.' Mikey says

I scoff. ' be positive are you kidding me..' I say tearing up like never before.

They all look away from me. 'Just leave me alone.' I say

'But Lu..' Ashton says.

'I want to be alone. Just leave please.' I say as they nod and leave. I gather that they went to see Kat.

Kat, I miss her already. I love her and I am so happy that the last thing I said to her was I love you and it wasn't like ending in a fight. I knew that Michael said be positive and all but I just can't. I can't do it. How can I live without her. I can't.

Jye's P.O.V

I stood there in my little sisters hospital room just staring at her helpless body laying there, there was no movement just tiny little breaths escaping her slightly opened mouth. How could this happen to her. She was so sweet and kind she doesn't deserve this at all.

A few moments later I started to cry. I couldn't hold it in. I walked over to her and sat down holding her hand in mine.

'Hey there.' I say with a sniffled laugh. 'Its Jye. I know I must sound and look absolutely crazy talking to you right now. Can you even hear me? I don't even know. I don't know what to do say to be honest I am just stunned that you of all people have been put into this situation. I just want to say I love you little sis, I know that I don't say it enough to you but I really love you. I miss you too. We all do. Please come back to us. We won't be able to live without you here. I just miss you so fucking much. Just come back to us please Kat. Please.' I say with tears flowing like a waterfall.

Charlotte walked in after I finished talking to Kat. She just stood at the entrance of the room. Then Shan and Amy walked in. They ran to me crying and hugged me so tight. I hugged them back fighting back my tears.

Charlotte was staring at Kat's motionless body. I saw a tear escape her eye and a whimper escape her mouth. Then she broke down. She was crying hysterically on the floor curled up in a ball.

My sister has touched so many people with her amazing ora and personality. I miss her and it's very clear that so does everyone else she knew.

'I am just gonna go and check how Luke's doin. I will leave you guys to talk to her. I'll be back soon ok.' I say passing Charlotte.

I walk through the hallway until I got to Luke's room. I opened the door.

'Hey, how you holding up?' I ask

'How am I holding up. That's a good question. I am not coping so well.' He says with no eye contact involved.

'Sorry. Do you want me to leave you to be or..?' I ask

'I am really tired. Sorry but can you leave. I really need to be alone right now.' Luke says to me.

'Nah it's alright man I understand. I'll see you tomorrow or something?' I say.

Luke smiles slightly and nods his head as I walk out the door. When I exit I take a deep breath. I can't to back to her. I think I am just gonna go home.

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