New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


35. chapter 35

Ok so the ride to the hospital couldn't of gotten more awkward. Since our radio doesn't work I put my music on from my phone and the sound is shit. But it was good music so I didn't really mind.

When we got there Luke strolled me in. It was so cute.

I got my X-rays done and I am still not in any state to be walking around. The concert is in2 days and we are in the mosh pit. I think I will just stay backstage.

'So what's been going on?' I ask Luke. He laughs.

'Whats so funny?' I ask

'Nothing, nothing's been going on.' He says

'Well that's interesting.' I say sarcastically.

'I know it is.' He says

'Ok you two. It's time to go' my mum says walking in front of us.

We followed her to the car. When we got to the car Luke helped my mum with putting the wheelchair in the boot of the car and helped me get in the car.

Once we were all in the car everything was silent. Luke intertwined his fingers with mine and kissed my hand.

'I love you.' He says

'I love you too.' I say we look at each other and we kissed . His lips were the last thing I felt before a whole heap of pain rushed through my body.

I can feel absolutely nothing. I can hear car alarms going off and people yelling out and yelling 'someone call 000'

What the hell was going on. I try to open my eyes but it was like they were glued shut. They were impossible to open.

Then I can hear a familiar voice. It was my mum.

'Honey, honey are you ok. Oh my. Kat! Luke! Move! Do something! Oh my goodness I am so sorry! I am so sorry! Someone call the ambulance! Somebody call triple zero! Please!' My mum said. 'I am so sorry Kat I love you. Luke I am so sorry please forgive me!' She yells before everything went completely and utterly silent.


Sorry guys another filler I needed something to help me end this story so I just thought of this. I hope it's not shit and I hope you guys enjoy this. Thank you for reading guys I really appreciate it! Love you guys! ❤️😋

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