New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


33. chapter 33

I really don't like hospitals. I can't stand them they freak me out. Knowing that so many people have died in these things it sends chills down my spine.

'Luke you did this to me...' I said pouting my lips.

'I am so sorry baby!' He said kissing my forehead.

I smiled as the doctor came in. 'Are you ready uhh miss Karnett.' He said looking at his clipboard.

'As ready as I will ever be...' I said.

Luke helped me get into the wheelchair and the doctor pushed me through to the X-ray room. I waved and pouted my lips to Luke, he waved back and laughed.

'See you when you get out.' He says

-----after the X-rays-----

The doctor helped me into the wheelchair and pushed me out of the room.

'So is everything ok?' I ask as we enter another room where Luke, Calum, Mikey, Ashton, Chloe, Shan, and Amy were in.

'Well you bruised your coxic bone but apart from that you're all good.' The doctor says with a smile.

'Yay. A bruised coxic bone...' I say with a fake smile.

'Its ok. You have us and your family to look after you!' Luke says with a smile. That smile gets me every time.

I smile. 'Ok, do I have to keep the wheelchair?' I ask

'Yes only for a week then you come back here and we will x-Ray you again and see how well you're recovering.' He says

'Thanks I guess...' I say.

When we checked out of the hospital Luke pushed me in the wheelchair.

'I feel old...' I say playing with my thumbs on my lap.

'You may feel old but you look young and beautiful' Luke says to me. I start to blush. He giggles and helps me into the backseat of his car.

Shan, Calum, Amy, Luke and I were in his car. Calum drove with Amy in the passenger seat and Shan who is looking lost without Michael was sitting next to me I was in the middle and Luke was on the right of me.

'I hate hospitals...' I admit.

'Who likes them...' Amy says looking back at me and smiling.

'Put the radio on yeah?' I say

Calum reached and put 107.1 safm on.

'Now excuse me if I sound rude, but I love the way that you move and I see me all over you now.' I sing while everyone else sings and laughs along. 'I love this song!' I say

'Your into the worst top 40?' Calum asks.

'Well yeah... But you know that I love older music too like not just music from like when people were all fake artist.' I admit. Everyone looked shocked that the words came out of my mouth. 'Well what!' I say

'Nothing, it's just we have our music that's being put on the radio. Are we fake?' Luke asks looking quite upset.

'No, your not, because you write and record your own music. That's not fake. And your music is really good too.!' I say as his frown turned into a smile.

It took a while for us to get home. What will my mum and dad say? Will they get angry? Well who knows. We will find out soon anyway.

We pull into Calum's driveway and Shan and Luke helps me out.

'What is your mum going to say?' Shan asks me giggling.

'I have no idea...' I say also giggling and shaking my head.

Ashton, Mikey, and Chloe pulled up. Mikey ran up to Shan.

'I missed you!' Mikey says

'I missed you too!' Shan says hugging him like they haven't seen each other in years.

'Come on guys it's only been like 40 minutes...' I say laughing.

'Sorry..' Shannon says and it makes me laugh more that she is apologising. 'Stop it!' She says with a serious face that doesn't last long. She started to giggle.

We walk up to my door. Well I was being pushed but yeah.. We can hear Jye saying goodbye to mum and dad as soon and we got on the door step. The door swung open and Jye stood there stunned.

'What the fuck did you do to yourself?' He asks

'Jye! Don't use that word!' My mum yells walking down the stairs. As soon as she seen me she ran to me.

'Kat what did you do?' She asks bending down to my height.

'Ask Luke. He is the one who broke the swing and caused this to happen. He is the fat one!' I say acting serious but it doesn't last long because I started to laugh.

'Luke what happened?' My mum asks.

'Well...' Luke says rubbing the back of his neck. 'It all started like this.' He continued.

Luke told my mum what happened and she offered to look after me and my dad was on a business trip so he wasn't coming home until Amy's birthday. Shit! Amy's birthday. I haven't even got her something and it's in like a week... Fuck...

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