New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


32. chapter 32

Calum's P.O.V

(Because why not...)

Kat and Luke walk in hand in hand with huge smiles upon their faces. They whispered something to each other then Luke kissed her forehead. Yep they just had sex.

'What did you guys get up to?' I ask with a cheeky grin.

'Uhh nothing. We just talked.' Kat said. Michael walks in and smiles then makes a circle with his thumb and pointer finger and puts his other index finger through the circle he made with his other hand.

'Fuck you Michael.' Luke says and I begin to giggle. I see that Kat was staring at me and giving me daggers so I stopped immediately.

'What do you guys want to do?' Ashton asked in a whiney voice.

'I don't know. What did we used to do?' Amy asks sitting on my lap. I hugged her and pulled her close kissing her head. She smiled.

'I don't know it's been a while. Plus in a few days is Amy's birthday and the last concert you guys are doing here it should be fun.' Shan said sitting on the bar stools next to the island.

'We should.... I don't know.... Maybe go to the park?...' Michael asks

We all nod and walked outside the house.

'There is a park not so far from here.' I say with my arm wrapped around Amy as she cuddled into my chest. I turned around to notice that Luke and Kat weren't there.

'Wheres Luke and K...' I say as I was interrupted by Kat screaming.

'We are going to beat you guys to the swings!' She yells as she jumps on Luke's back and they ran so fast down the road.

'No you're not!' Ashton yelled back.

We all ran. Amy was on my back and Shan was on Mikey's. Ashton was just running by himself.

I seen Kat jump off of Luke's back and run to the swing by herself.

'You played me!' Luke said playfully.

'Thankyou for helping me win baby!' She said back winking at them.

'Well we lost' Michael and I said as we slowed down. The girls jumped off of our backs and Amy held my hand.

'They are cute aren't they?' Amy said

I sighed remembering how much I wanted that to be me. 'Yeah they are.' I said.

Ashton bet me and Mikey to the swings because he had no one on his back and he was fast. I sighed once I saw how childish Ashton was on the swing then I joined Amy, my girlfriend.

Kat's P.O.V

I was swinging on the swing and I looked around everyone was happy, apart from Ash.

'Ash!' I yell he looks at me 'come here!' I continue to yell.

He walks over looking down at his feet. 'What?' He asks

'I have a surprise for you!' I say excitedly.

'What is it?' He asks intrigued and giggly.

What he didn't know was that I was texting my friend Chloe. She was feeling lonely and I asked her to join us at the park.

'A girl.' I say. His mouth swung open.

'Kat are you serious' he says quite shocked.

I nodded my head and Chloe walked up.

'Kat?' She asks

'Over here. I have someone you should meet!' I yell.

She walks over and is stunned on who was standing before her.

'No. Way.' She says

'You're a fan?' Ash asks her.

'Yeah I love your music. You're music actually inspired me to pick up some instruments and sing.' She answers

'Yeah and she is really good!' I say happily.

Ashton giggles and so does Chloe. They walked away together.

I hope they work out because they would be cute.

All of a sudden my train of thought was disrupted by Luke jumping on me causing the swing to break. When we landed on the floor I felt this huge rush of pain going through my body.

'Aahh get the fuck off me Luke!' I scream. He gets off immediately and everyone crowds me.

'Are you ok?' Amy asks

'I don't think I can walk' I say trying to get up but wincing in pain.

'Do you want to go to the hospital to get X-rays?' Michael asks as I nod and they help me up and Calum goes to get his car and so does Michael.

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