New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


30. chapter 30

------- a few weeks later -------

Today was the day that they were leaving on their Aussie tour. I have been going to school but texting Luke in class sneakily and calling him at recess and lunch all recess and lunch. They picked me up from school as per usual, I hugged and kissed him as per usual, we got caught by a teacher or the principle as per usual. Everything seemed to go as per usual apart from the fact that I was crying into Luke's arms when we got home. But the timing couldn't be anymore perfect, the school holidays were starting. The 6 week holidays. I wish that I could spend it with Luke and the guys, but I can't.

As we walk in through the doors to my house I seen Amy cuddled up with Calum, Shan cuddled up with Mike, Ashton raiding my fridge, Jye and Charlotte nowhere to be seen. As I close the door. Ashton stopped raiding my fridge and the love birds stopped being lovey. They looked at us, I started to cry. I cried I to Luke's arms for hours. His tear stained guns and roses top made me cry even more because I ruined his new jumper that my mum bought him.

'Stop crying. We will see each other soon baby cakes.' Luke says smiling and lifting my head up and wiping the tears away with his thumb.

'I can't. I-I love you too much.' I say

'Its not like I am dying. I am just going away for like a month.' He says smiling again

He made me smile. 'I know. It's just I will miss you. Heaps.' I say

'I will miss you too. I will call you. Like everyday.' He says

I started to laugh. 'I love you so much my Lukey baby.' I say smiling and kissing him.

'I love you too baby cakes.' Luke says after we break away.

I smile and just lay on the couch pushing Ashton off.

Luke, all of a sudden jumps on me. 'Luke!' I yell waking Mike and Shan up.

'Shut the fuck up. Didn't you see me and Shannon were sleeping...' Mikey says lazily

I laughed. 'Sorry Mikey moo..' I say laughing, then mooing like a cow and then laughing again.

Mikey just groaned and out his arm over his face.

'So Luke.' I say

'What?' He answers

'What time do you guys.. You know... Have to leave.' I say looking down at the floor.

'Soon.' He says.

'Oh..' Was all I could manage to say.

-----at the airport-----

I was crying uncontrollably at this point. My mum and dad were still in Africa and all I have left here is Shan, Amy, Chloe, Charlotte and Jye. Who was going to hold me at night? Who was going to tell me I am beautiful? I am going to feel so alone in a world of many.

'I suppose this is goodbye for now.' I say as we were walking up to the gates.

'Yep.' Luke answers shortly.

I hug Mikey first, then Ashton, then Calum, then Luke.

When it came to Luke I was sure that I wasn't going to let go, but the screaming fans kind of made it awkward... I kissed Luke as we let go of each other and he left to line up to board the plane.

'Come on. Let's go.' Jye says

'No. I am not leaving until that and does.' I say bluntly.

No one disagreed so we stayed for around half an hour as the plane flew off. I watched as the plane went down the long runway and flew into the air. I let a final tear drop and then we left.

-------a week after they left--------

I have been a wreck. I haven't been eating properly and I have been drinking again...

I have tried to stop but it is too addictive. I just can't.

Shan and Amy have been the same. Absolutely and completely lost without them. It's almost as if we need them in our daily lives and if we don't have them then we break like a twig.

I miss them all.. I have to admit that I miss Ashton and Mikey raiding the fridge. I missed how whenever I seen Calum he would give me loaves of banana bread. I missed Luke's touch, smile, laugh. I missed him. I feel as if I am nothing with our him with me.

-------Amy's birthday------

Ok so today is the day that we get to see them. We are all meeting up after the concert. I am so excited to see Luke I, it's just, I am so excited words cannot even explain.

We arrive at the airport really early in the morning, I think it was 5:30. When we got there we sat and waited at the Mc. Donald's in there for them. Luke texted me everyday when he went away, I must say that Luke texting me made me upset because I wanted him more, and more everyday but I managed to keep my sanity.

Calum texted me

Luke ran out of credit. We are here where are you guys?

Oh, well we are at Maccas waiting for youse.

Ok be there soon. I have a surprise for you.

What is it?

It's a surprise.

We stopped texting because I seen Michaels red hair.

'Michael!' Shan said running to him and jumping on his waist kissing him ever so passionately.

Amy done the same with Calum. While I sat behind in my seat drinking my coffee when Luke came up to me I stood up.

'Luke.' I say as he stares down at me and I stare up at him.

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