New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


3. chapter 3

I almost finished my room but I got hungry, so I walk down the long hallway to see that the lounge room is finished and it looks great, apart from the fact that Jye has spread himself out on the couch and is watching 'Bogan Hunters' but I just kept walking until I got to the kitchen.

I wanted to see if maybe Calum made us some banana bread, and just my luck he did. I was really hungry so I just took the whole thing. Then I walked back to the lounge room and Jye was still in the same position watching the same thing. I just shook my head and walked through the long blank white hallway and age the banana bread in my room. My blinds were open and I could see Calum and he was with 3 other guys.

'Ahh they must be the other people on that band he was talking about.' I say out loud, 'hold on a sec.' I say walking closer to my window 'they all look familiar.. I can't quite put my finger on it..!' I decide to just leave it, Calum said he did go to Adelaide maybe he went with them.

I sat on the mattress that was on the floor and ate my banana bread in peace until I heard a familiar beat. I run out the front to see Calum and his band playing I miss you. I walk to their garage door which happens to be open, I still had a bit of banana bread left in my hands. I let them finish before saying anything

'Wow Calum your band is really good!' I say 'and you just played my favourite song from Blink-182 I am impressed!' I continue to say

'Ahaha thanks! Guys this Kat she new here, she moved from Adelaide.'

'Adelaide huh.. That's cool.' A guy with redish hair said 'I'm Michael by the way, Calum's best mate' he continued

'Yeah right' a tall blond guy said

'Shut up Luke..' Michael says almost immediately

'Well I'm Luke..' He says walking over to shake my hand

Another person just laughs and then continues to say 'I'm Ashton'

'Now you've met my band' Calum says

'Yes I have and you guys are really good, you sound kind of familiar though and look really familiar too, Calum are you sure that we have never met before?'

'I could never forget a pretty face'

I blushed yet again.

Luke laughed a little bit I could see his dimples and I couldn't help but stare and say

'You got your lip pierced.. It suits you.'

He laughed again and said

'Is your hair colour natural.. It looks great.'

'Yeah, it is. Thanks'

My hair colour is red, but not full on red it's just a nice redish orange colour.

'Can I get your number?' Luke asks me

I can feel my cheeks temperature rising. 'Yeah give me your phone and I will punch it in.

He have the phone and I put the number in it and when I went to give it back he winked at me I given him the phone then I put my hands behind my back and looked at the ground and played with the stones below me.

'I would hate to break up the moment, but I have to break up this moment ahahah. Nah but sorry man I have to go something happened at home with Lauren and Harry.' Ashton said as he broke up the moment that Luke and I were having

'It's alright man but don't forget we really need to fit in some more practice time alright..' Calum replied Ashton nodded and did this hand shake thing with the boys and then came to me, he gave me a hug. I thought it was a bit forward considering that we just met but I hugged back because I didn't want to be rude but I kind of knew that I had a confused face because the boys just smiled and let out a few giggles.

When Ashton was about half way down the driveway I ate the rest of the banana bread I had left in my hand

'You like the banana bread!' Calum said 'I wasn't sure if you would like it so we only put 3 loaves in there.' He continued

'Are you kidding I love banana bread, it's my favourite bread.. And don't even get me started on how much I love bananas..' A responded

'Wow..' That was all Michael could say until he said 'do you guys want to go to Maccas?'

'I would but I have no money..' I answered

'I'll pay for you' Luke said

'Really!' I said cheerfully, he nodded his head. ' just have to go and ask my parents I will be right back!' I said walking down his driveway.

When I got to my house I ran to the kitchen to get the other 2 loaves of banana bread, I put them into ziplock bags and then sneak them into my room.

As I walk out of the hallway I saw my mum and dad snuggled up on the couch and I went up to them

'Mum, dad, can I go to Mc Donald's with Calum?' I ask

'With what money?' My mum replies

'Calum's friend is paying for me' I say back

'Ok, but you have to be home at 6pm sharp or your grounded..' My dad tells me

'Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!' I say giving them a hug

I walk to the door and I opened it up to find the most amazingly gorgeous guy I have possibly ever seen, and all I can think about is banana bread..

'What did your parents say?' Luke asks me

'They said that I can come but I have to be back at 6pm sharp or I'm grounded..' I replied. Luke took out his phone and looked at the time I had a sneak peak of the time and it had just turned 4pm.

'We have two hours, let's go!' He said pulling me by the arm running to Calum's house. We jumped in the back and Michael was in the front with Calum.

'It is really quite without Ash' Michael tells us all.

'Hey Luke, text Ashton to meet us at the Maccas near mine' Calum told Luke and he did.


I know that this chapter is terrible but I didn't know what else to write about..

I'm at school in the sickroom at the moment and I will try and write more it's just were aren't allowed phones in the sickroom so yeah..

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