New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


29. chapter 29

I woke up the next day and I wasn't feeling to good. I was getting cramps in my stomach and around the tops of my legs. Great period pains, aren't they the best things ever. I always get pains at least a week before I get my period, it's weird but it's a warning so I know. Great, absolutely marvellous.

I walk into the kitchen to make some bacon and eggs for breakfast. While I was cooking I saw Shan and Amy come down stairs. They are staying in the spare room upstairs.

I could tell that today was going to be terrible.

I heard my phone go off and Amy grabbed it before I did.

'Ooo it's from Lukey baby' she says with a pouty face then continues, 'hey baby I want to hang out with you guys until I have to go. Is that ok?' She says with a more serious face. 'What does he mean by going away?' She asked

'They're going on an Aussie tour.' I say grabbing my phone back off of her.

'When?' Shan asks walking up and taking a seat on the high chair.

'In about 3 weeks.' I say.

'Oh.' Is all she could say. I cooked the bacon and egg and I made a lot just in case the boys came over.

We are our food and got dressed. Around noon was when the boys ran through the unlocked door. I was sitting on the couch in my trackies, my socks, baggy Rolling Stones shirt and a beanie and I was watching Gremlins.

'Why are you watching this?' Calum asked plopping himself next to me.

'I love this movie. I want Gismo so fucking much he is the cutest little thing ever.' I say smiling and not taking my eyes off of the T.V screen.

'What Ice-cream is that?' Michael asked.

'Cookies and Cream. There are about 3, 4 litre tubs in the freezer.' I say.

Michael heads for the freezer. Of course.

'Do you guys want any?' He asks

'A refill please.' I say with my bowl in the air.

He comes over and takes it from my hands.

'So did you guys want any?' He asks again.

'Yeah why not.' Ashton says.

'Yes. It's cookies and cream you don't have to ask' Calum says

Luke nodded and so did Shan and Amy.

Once we all had our Ice-Cream, we all finished watching Gremlins.

'I really want a fucking Gremlin so bad.' I say in a whinney voice. They started laughing at me. 'Whats so funny?' I ask

'Nothing you're just cute that's all.' Luke says as I cuddled up to his chest. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I pecked his lips quickly then jumped up.

'I have an idea.' I say proudly.

'What?' Shan asks. I noticed that she was cuddled up to Michael. I was happy for her.

'A movie day all day and all night.' I say

'Thats a good idea.' Ashton says 'and whoever falls asleep first has to shout us Maccas.' He continued

'So like a competition. I'm in.' I say

'Me too.' Michael says

'Yeah' Calum says smiling. And everyone else agreed.

'I need to go to the shops to get some munchies. Anyone wanna come with?' I say

Calum shot his hand up and so did Luke and Amy.

'Ok cool so just us four. Are you guys alright to stay here?' I ask

'Yeah we are fine to stay here' Shan said smiling at Michael. I smiled at her loveliness.

'Alright, well we will be back soon.' I say walking behind Luke, Calum and Amy.

We went in Calum's car and went to the nearest shops. There was a shopping centre and we went into Coles. We got two bags of 12 Mars bars, 5 bags of lemon bombs, rainbow paddle pops, two 2 litre bottles of iced coffee, about 5 packets of supreme Doritos, 3 bottles of 2 litre cokes and of course 4 packets of large triple butter popcorn. We spent like $50 or so. But it was alright because we all pitched in to pay for it.

When we got home we had a few bags full. When we walked through the door I seen Shan and Mikeys face light up, it made me laugh. They are so alike.

'Alright. Let's get this party started.' I say unpacking all of the food onto the table.

Everyone smiled as I put on the movie. We first watched the fault in our stars. Michael started to tear up with the rest of the girls. But the rest of the guys were manly men.

After a lot of movies in Ashton fell asleep. I smiled at the thought of Ash thinking he would win.

I looked at the time. It was only 9 pm.

The movie we were watching finished so I put on hall pass. About 30 minutes in I fell asleep in Luke's arms.

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