New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


28. chapter 28

I woke up from a loud bang in the kitchen. I got a long silk robe and went to the kitchen.

'Im sorry Kat. I was trying to make you dinner and this happened.' He said. I couldn't help but laugh at the mess and the burnt food.

'At least you tried. Let me get dressed and we can go out for dinner. Somewhere casual though because I don't want to wear a really uncomfortable dress.' I say. Luke agrees, I go to my room and get changed. I chose black skinny jeans with slits at the knees, a grey Nirvana tank with a short sleeved black crop top underneath and a 'get wrekd' beanie. I curled the ends of my hair and I put on some light makeup and my black vans. I looked in the mirror and I looked alright.

When I went back to the kitchen Calum, Amy, Shan, Michael, Ashton, Jye and Charlotte were back.

'Where are you going?' Jye asked

'Out for dinner with Luke.' I say. He nods.

I grab my bag and wait for Luke. He must be doing his hair, I mean how long would it take to get his hair that high...

Once he was done he asked 'are you ready?' I smiled

'Yeah. See you guys after.' I say

'Bye!' They yell back as we walk through the door.

When we got in the car I felt the need for Luke to know that Jack kissed me so I was going to tell him. Maybe not now. The car ride to Cafè Primo wasn't silent at all. All we were doing was singing together, it was nice, really nice. I love doing this with him.

When we arrived it was mayhem. There were fans everywhere.

'How did they find out we were going to be here?' I ask

Luke looks at me blankly. 'I have no idea' he says.

He put his arm around me and I felt safe like no one could harm me. The fans were yelling and screaming it was unbelievable. Most of it was towards Luke but some of it was towards me.

They were yelling hurtful names like, 'slut.' Or 'fucking bitch' I almost started to cry.

I went straight inside while Luke being Luke he stopped to take a few selfies with his fans.

I texted Luke to not look for me when he gets inside because I am in the toilet. And he texted back ok.

It's been a few months since we have been dating and I am really happy because it has been the best 3 months of my life. I love him and he loves me. Nothing could get better then this.

When I leave the toilets I looked around for Luke and he was in line to order a table. I went up to him and kissed his cheek and held his hand.

'I love you.' I say

He smiles and looks down at me. I am only like 5 foot and he is like 6 foot tall so he looks down at me.

We held eye contact for a while and he said 'I love you too.'

Once the girl at the counter give us our table we sat down and waited to be ordered. We had an inside table next to a window. Someone was watching out every move through the window, I did feel uncomfortable but I got used to it.

'So how's things with the band?' I ask

'Uhh about the band' he says

'What?' I ask worryingly.

'Well we are going to maybe go on an Aussie tour.' He says

'Oh my god. I am so happy for you! When do you leave?' I ask with a big smile.

'A few weeks.' He says looking down at his plate. My smile fades.

The waitress comes over to us.

'Hey, what would you like?' She says

'The burger. Uh but no tomato or onion thanks.' I say

'A burger as well with her tomato and onion.' He says smirking at me. I smile to.

She walks away.

'A few weeks?' I say shakily.

He nods his head. 'I can't bring you either.' He says then he swallows his breath.

The waitress walks over and places the free garlic bread on the table.

'Thank you' I say. She smiles then walks away

'Why can't you bring me?' I asked

'I already asked and they said you can't. They didn't give me a reason. I am so sorry.' He says before taking a bite out of his garlic bread.

I looked at my empty plate and I could feel a tear. I wiped it off.

'Dont cry. My third place is here after Darwin and Melbourne.' He says

I smile. 'How long are you staying in each state?' I ask

'Not long.' He says I smile and grabbed a bit oh garlic bread and started to eat it.

-------after the dinner---------

'I had a really great night' I say while we were walking into the car.

'Me too' he says opening his car door.

Once we were both in the car we smiled at each other and kissed. Then he drove off.

'Have you guys got a CD?' I ask

'Yeah we do.... Do you want to hear it?' He says

I nod my head. 'Its in the glovebox.' He says pointing to it. I open the glovebox and got out a case that had the boys on it.

I put it in and listened to it. After a few songs were finished this one song came on that I really liked.

'Hey I like this one.' I say looking at him and turning it up.

'Really?' He says

'Yeah it's great. What's it called?' I ask

'It's called heartbreak girl.' He says 'I wasn't really sure about this one. Everyone said it was a song but I wasn't really into it.' He confesses.

'Well it's great. It really is.' I say leaning over and kissing his cheek.

He smiles and we pulled into my driveway.

'I see the boys are still here.' I say looking at the cars surrounding my house and Calum's. Luke laughed and held my hand as we walked inside.

We were greeted by Ashton. He hugged me and then offered to play the Xbox with Luke and Calum and Mikey. They did play, they played Call of Duty. My brother, Calum and Ash watched while Luke and Mikey played two player mode. Michael was kicking Luke's arse. I went to my room with Charlotte and the girlys. We talked a lot, we talked about the tour and how we were all going to see them when they come here, how much we will miss them and their funny behaviour.

I am really going to miss these four guys, but it's an absolutely amazing experience and they deserve it. A lot. At least it's only an Aussie tour and they will only be gone for like 1 month or so.

I went back into the lounge room to find the boys crashed out on the lounge room floor. Typical. I laughed and got some Coke then went back into my room. Soon after we finished the Coke I was starting to fall asleep then I remembered that I forgot to tell Luke about Jack. I will do that tomorrow. I set am alarm for around 11:00 am. Then I went to sleep.

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