New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


27. chapter 27

When we got home, I saw Charlotte on the couch watching a movie with Calum, Amy and Jye and Ashton, Michael and Shan were having this competition to see who can drink coke the fastest.

'Hey guys.' I say closing the door.

Amy ran up to me.

'I need to talk to you... Now...' She says I nodded and she dragged me upstairs into the bathroom.

'What?' I say putting my bag down.

'You know that me and Calum had sex last night don't you?' She says. I nod.

'Well I told him that he was my first... And now he is like being really clingy.' She says

'Well maybe he likes you....' I say

'No way would he like me..' She says

'Well you did have sex remember.' I say.

'Oh yeah... So he does like me. The famous Calum hood. He likes me.' She said excitedly.

I roll my eyes playfully. I picked up my bag and left her in there.

I walked down stairs and went in my room. I put my bag down and closed my door. I started to get undressed. When I took my sports bra off I saw the door opening. Shit I forgot to lock it... I quickly scattered around my room, I ended out taking my blanket from my bed to cover myself.

'Its ok. It's just me.' I hear Luke say.

I loosened up and removed the blanket. I wasn't scared to show my body, I was proud of it. Well apart from the bruises that Luke hadn't noticed before now.

'What happened to you?' He asks.

'How could you not have noticed them before?' I ask

'I don't know.' He comes over to me and takes a closer look 'how did you get these?' He asks

'Dylan' I answer shortly.

He nods his head, he let's go of me and let's me get changed. After I did get changed Luke pushed me onto my bed.

'Luke my friends are here' I say smiling during the kiss.

'No they're not.' He says also smiling.

I pulled away. 'Where are they?' I ask

'They went to Nandos. I said that I didn't want to go without you so I stayed. So do you want to, you know?' He says.

I smiled. 'But I just got dressed and all.' I say.

'Oh.' He says and he looks a little upset.

'I was joking.' I say smiling. He looks up and smiled at me to.

I laid back down on the bed and he comes on top of me. He places a kiss on my lips, and I kiss him again but I keep the kiss going, hard and passionately.

I took his shirt off and I unbuttoned his pants and he kicked them off and he took his underwear off. He slid mine off and he inserted himself into me. It still hurt but it felt amazing, so much better then before.

------after the sex------

We just laid there for a while he had his arm around me and I was making circles on his chest with my finger.

'That was great.' I say

He smiles. 'I love you.' He says

'I love you too.' I say I lifted my head up and kissed him. Then put my head back into his chest. He kissed my hair and we both started to drift off in each others arms.


Another filler.. Sorry... 🍍

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