New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


26. chapter 26

He followed me all day. He annoyed the shit out of me.

'Just fuck off' Chloe says

'Dont tell me what to do..' Jack says with a smirk.

I roll my eyes.

'Jack come here.' I say moving into a private room. He follows me.

'Jack... I don't like you. I have a boyfriend. So just leave me alone. You know this is harassment. You aren't as dumb as you make people believe.' I say staring into his brown eyes. His brown eyes aren't staring into mine. They are staring at my lips.

'I just can't help myself when I'm around you.' He says bitting his lips.

'Well you better learn to control yourself around me. Why don't you do this to Chloe? She likes you, you know that right?' I say. He doesn't say anything. 'You should ask her....' I was cut off by Jacks lips on mine.

I instantly backed away. I slapped his face so hard making sure that there was a mark. 'I have a fucking boyfriend who would smash your arse!' I almost yell. 'Ask Chloe out. She is the one who actually wants you.' I say walking out leaving him by himself.

I felt sick to my stomach. I want to go home. I want Luke. I went to the sickroom and it was lunch time so I didn't need a note or anything. I said to the lady that I felt really dizzy and that I couldn't walk. So she made me lay down and she gave me some water and closed the door. I got out my phone and started to text Chloe.

Hey I'm in the sick room. Don't worry about me.

Hey ok. What's wrong?

Nothing I faked it. I just didn't want to be there you know.

Ok. Did you hit Jack?



I don't think I should tell you.


It will break your heart.

No. No it won't. I know Jack doesn't like me.

Ok. Well he uh may have kissed me.

You have a boyfriend.

I know. That's why I hit him.



Jack said his face hurt so he is going to the sickroom..

Fuck... That's just great... I'm going to go to bed then.

Ahahah ok well have a good sleep. And I will tell the teachers that you are in there.

Ok thanks. ❤️ xx.

No problem. Xx ❤️❤️

Well that is just great.. Why the fuck does he have to make everything so difficult.. I slowly started to fall asleep. When I was about to go to sleep I heard the door open. It was Jack I could hear him saying how he ran into a pole and he hurt his face and he wants to lay down and she let him. Great.

I lay there curious to see if he was staring at me. I wanted to peek my eye open a little but I resisted the urge.

'I know you're not asleep.' He says

I don't answer.

'Ok have it your way bitch.' I could feel my anger rising. I wanted to hit him again but I resist the urge again.

I hated Jack for kissing me and calling me a bitch. Who the fuck does he think he is...? I start thinking then I stop because I fell asleep. Next thing I knew I was woken by the annoying school bell. It was the end of the day. Thank god.

I texted Luke to see if he could pick me up and meet me in MacKillop. And he said he would. I walked down to MacKillop and got my stuff out of my locker. I waited for a few minutes then I saw Luke. I ran up to him and jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him passionately.

'What was that for?' He asked smiling then he kissed me again.

'Nothing. I just missed you.' I say

'Its only been a few hours.' He says smiling.

'I know but I love you' I say

'I love you too.' He says. He kissed me again.

I unraveled my legs from his waist and got off of him.

He took my hand and led me to where his car is. I got into the passenger seat. When he got in his seat he turned on the car and off we went.

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