New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


25. chapter 25

I woke up with the strangest feeling. I looked at the time. It was only 10 in the morning. We went to bed at like 3am and I wonder how Amy is feeling... Probably sore because last night she told me that she was a virgin.. Well she isn't anymore. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen and ate some banana bread. Then I went to the toilet. I washed my hands then brushed my teeth. I heard my phone ring I had no idea where I put it so I was searching for it after I washed my hands. I ran downstairs. It was under the couch.

I quickly answered without looking at the caller ID.

'Where are you and Charlotte?' Chloe asks through the phone.

'I am at home why?' I ask

'Have you forgotten about school?' She tells me

'Shit I totally forgot. I will be there soon. Just tell Mr. Redismolio that I was feeling ill this morning but I will be there soon.' I say

'Yep. No problem. What do I say about Charlotte? Is she there?' Chloe asks

'No she is with Jye. Just say that she was violently ill and she isn't coming to school today.' I say

'Mmhm ok. Well I will see you soon.' She says

'Yep see you soon.' I say smiling

'Bye' she says

'Bye' I say hanging up.

Shit. I totally forgotten all about school...

I walk back into my room. Shan was still asleep. So I texted Luke to come around. A few minutes later he knocked on my front door.

He walked in expecting the couch to be free but it wasn't. Calum and Shan were on it.

'Is that your friend?' Luke asks with a giggle.

'Yes.. Aha' I say laughing. 'I will be back. Sit on the recliner.' I say walking up the stairs. I could see him nod. I went to the bathroom and looked to see if my makeup was ok and my hair and if what I was wearing was ok. I was wearing a long Green Day shirt and really short pyjama shorts. My hair was down and rather wavy. My makeup was natural but noticeable. I looked alright considering I only woke up like 15 minutes ago.

I went back to I went back down stairs and went into the lounge room. Luke was asleep. He looked like an angel, it's just he didn't have wings or a halo. I jump on the back of the couch waking him up.

'Hey!' He says rubbing his eyes.

'Sorry baby.' I say pouting my lips. He smiles and starts to giggle.

'What day is it?' He asks

'Thursday...' I say

'Wait what's the time' he asks

'Around 10:20...' I say

'Aren't you supposed to be at school?' He asks

'Why so many questions Hemmings?' I say

'I don't know Karnett..' He says

I smile. 'I love you' he says

'I love you too.' I say with my smile growing larger then I ever thought possible. He smiles back. I jump on top of him.he groans a little which makes me laugh. I lent down and kissed him, he kisses back. My hair was dangling in his face but he didn't seem to mind.

I got off of him.

'Where are you going?' He asks

'I'm getting ready for school.' I say

'Do you have to go?' He asks with a whinny tone in his beautiful voice.

'Yes now let me get ready. Oh and you guys need to take care of my friends today. Is that ok?' I say

'Yeah it's fine.' He says smiling.

I start to walk away. But then I ran back and kissed him. He giggled, so did I.

'Ok go and get ready.' Luke says. I start to walk off and he spanks my bum.

'You're stepping on the line women.' I say acting serious but unable to keep it together. I started to laugh and so does he.

I went in my room and grabbed my dress, bike shorts, jumper, socks and shoes. Then I go into the bathroom to get changed, once I was done getting changed and putting deodorant on I went back to the lounge room and Shan, Amy and Calum were awake. Calum had his arm around Amy. I was happy for them, really happy.

'Are you ready?' Luke asks

'Yeah' I say and I smile. 'You guys have fun. Calum take care of them. They're precious' I say smiling still

'I will.' He says with a giggle

'Ok girls have fun.' I say waving at them and walking out the door with Luke shortly following.

Once we got in the car I turned Green Day on. Luke smiled at me but I knew he loved it.

'Your friends seem nice' he says keeping his eyes on the road

'They're one of a kind aren't they.' I say he giggles.

Not much else was said but it wasn't awkward it was nice. He put his hand on my thigh and I think I started to blush. I could hear him giggle. It put a large smile on my face.

Before we knew it I was at school. I opened the car door and Luke came around to my car side. He put his hands on my waist and I put my arms around his neck.

'I don't want to be here.' I say with a frown.

'We will see each other in a few hours' he says with a giggle.

I smile again. I lean on my tippy toes. I go to kiss him but he teases me by kissing my nose.

'Hey.' I say sadly

'Sorry' he says with a giggle. I lean up again. And he kissed me properly.

'Ms Karnett.' My principle says.

I stop kissing him and I put my head on his chest and look at my principle.

'I think it's time you go to class' he continues then he walks away.

I face my head into his chest and begin to laugh. I look up at him.

'I gotta go' I say, he nods his head. I kiss him again then we head our separate ways.

I was stopped by a figure

'Sorry' I say not looking up at who it was.

'Thats fine baby.' He said. It was Jack

'Fuck off' I say

'Thats inappropriate' he says with a smile.

I roll my eyes and walk away. He follows me.

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