New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


24. chapter 24

I couldn't believe that my closest friends were here. I was so excited.

'Where is Jye' Shan asked

'With his girlfriend' I say without thinking

'Oh...' Shan said sadly

'Shit I forgot. Sorry. He is going out with my friend Charlotte...' I say

She nods her head

'Hey well Calum and Michael and Ashton are single...' I say knowing I would make her smile.

'They are... Oh my gosh... We are seeing them tomorrow! No offence but fuck Jye. Michael come to mumma!' She said happy again. We just laughed.

'Are you guys hungry?' I asked

'Yeah!' They reply simultaneously

I laughed and shook my head. They followed me into the kitchen and sat on the stools facing me on the other side of the bench.

'What do you want to eat?' I ask

'Anything... Come on you know us we eat everything!' Amy said. I laughed.

I was heading to the fridge when Amy asked

'Hey, Kat. Where are your parents?'

'They are in Africa. They left yesterday they are back next week. But it's ok because you guys are staying for a few months aren't you?' I say

'Fuck yeah! We are going to have so much fun!' Amy said.

Jye started walking down the stairs with Charlotte. I looked straight to Shan. She couldn't even make eye contact with him.

'SHANNON!' He yelled running down the stairs.

He went to hug her she hugged back obviously not wanting to be rude. Then he hugged Amy.

'I missed you guys so much!' Jye says with the biggest grin on his face. Charlotte walks up to me.

'Who's this?' She asks

'Oh these are my best friends from Adelaide. Shannon this is Charlotte, Jye's girlfriend Charlotte this is Shannon but we call her Shan.' I say

'Nice to meet you.' Shan says with her hand out ready to shake. Charlotte shook her hand.

'Nice to meet you too' Charlotte says

'And this is Amy, Amy this is Charlotte.' I continue.

'Hey, nice to meet you' Charlotte says shaking her hand.

Amy nods and smiles 'Nice to meet you too.' She says.

'Alright' I say grabbing a huge bowl and like 3 packets of chips that I threw to Amy and Shan, and heaps of chocolate and some fizzy drink. 'We are going to go and watch some movies. In my room and before you ask Jye. No you can't join us.' I say

'Nah I wasn't gonna ask. I am staying at Charlotte's house tonight.' Jye says.

Charlotte smiled and Jye's hands intertwined with hers. I could see so much anger rushing through Shannon's body.

'Ok. See you guys tomorrow then.' I say leading them out the door.

Once they left I said 'Do you you guys just want to watch movies in here? It's a bigger T.V...'

I could see Amy smile. But Shan looks genuinely upset.

'Go sit down on the couch.' I say to Amy. She nodded and sat on it.

'Hey, Shan it's ok. You are going to win Michaels heart I promise.' I say

'Pinky swear.' She says putting her pinky finger out.

'Pinky swear' I say smiling and wrapping my pinky with hers. 'Come on let's watch Bait!' I say running and jumping on the couch with Shannon shortly following.

------a little bit into the movie------

'Oh my god.. Lincoln Lewis's body is like.. Wow!' Amy says

'Keep your shirt off please' I say laughing.

We keep watching and when the title wave came in the movie, because we have a home cinema we like fully flinched back.

'Wow. That looks so cool...' Amy said.

I look at her and nod.

-------near the end of the movie------

'Come on, come on! Shoot it in the head!' I yell.

'Shut the fuck up and watch the movie...' Amy says

'Sorry..' I say laughing afterwards.

(For those who haven't watched bait. It's a shark movie.)

We continued watching until the credits came on.

'Wait so he got back with that girl?' Amy asked.

'I think so. Didn't you see them holding hands?' I ask

'Nope...' Amy says

'Oh..' I say. 'Well I'm really tired. Hey, do you want to do what I'm thinking?' I ask.

'It depends what you're thinking?' Shan said with a smirk.

'Well we haven't seen each other in a few months and what do we do when we stay at each other's house when there is no one home?' I say

'Well have you got any?' Amy asked

'I have a few buds..' I say with a smile. We jump up and ran to my room.

I looked for my cone and my weed. When I found them we went outside and before we knew it we were so cooked.

I started to freak out because I heard someone knock on the door. But I ended out laughing at myself.

I walked back inside and to the front door. When I answered the door there stood a Calum.

'Hey. Kat. My mum told me to drop off some more banana bread. So here.' He said handing me some banana bread.

'Hey. Ahahahahhahaha thanks.' I say

'Kat. Are you cooked?' He asks

'What me no... Ahahhahaha yeah I am' I say

'Ok well uh I guess I will see you tomorrow then.' He says

'No. Come in.' I say pulling him in.

He sat on the couch as I said. 'We have a visitor!' The girls came running into the lounge room.

'Oh. My. God... Are you single?' Amy asked.

'Yeah...' Calum says laughing.

Nothing could stop this from happening. But Amy ran up to him and jumped on him. She started to make out with him and he didn't seem fussed at all.

------a few hours later------

'I am tired. I'm going to bed. Calum you can stay here tonight if you want.' I say

He nods.

'Im tired too.' Shan says.

'Well you can sleep in my bed with me.' I say.

She smiles and we go into my room and get changed for bed and we started to fall asleep. That is until we heard sec noises coming from the lounge room. I looked at Shan and she looked at me. We started to laugh.

'Good night.' I say still laughing.

'Good night.' She answers trying to hold in her laugh. I turn the lamp off and we started to fall asleep.

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