New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


23. chapter 23

Everyone leaves the party apart from some close friends. We all agreed to clean up tomorrow. Luke and I stayed up in my room for a while. Out of nowhere I grab my guitar and start jamming. I totally forgot that Luke was there. He wrote down some lyrics that he thought may go well with the beat to the song I randomly thought of on the guitar. Let's just say it's a work in progress...

I put the guitar down and say

'What you did was stupid you know...'

' I know' he replies with a smile. 'I love you and I will never stop loving you.' He continues.

I kiss him and in between kisses I said 'I love you so much more.'

I could feel his smile while we were kissing.

'Ow!' I said

'What?' He asks

'You bit my lip.' I say acting sad.

'I'm sorry..' He says falling for my sadness.

'It was hot..' I say smiling and biting my lip also looking at his. We go into the kiss again. His cold lipring tickled my lips so naturally, I started to giggle.

'What now?' He asks

'Your lipring it just it tickles me.' I say smiling. He laughed and we started to kiss again.

I felt his hand go inside my shirt. I laugh and then pulled away.

'Not tonight ok.' I say bluntly

He smiles 'Ok' he says understanding my situation.

'Uhh I have to go to school on Thursday...' I say whining

He just laughs.

We lay in my bed and I turn on my blink-182 music and we slowly fell asleep.

-----the next morning-----

I wake up with Luke's arm wrapped around my waist. I smiled then sat up quickly and I regret that. I felt head spins and straight up sickness.

I ran to the bathroom. I threw up a few times then I went to the kitchen and made everyone fried hash browns for when the all wake up.

'Hey' Luke said wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my neck.

'Hey. You scared me a bit just then' I say with the biggest grin.

'Do you remember much of last night?' Luke asks

'Kinda the memories are slowly coming back.' I say with a laugh.

Jye walks down the stairs rubbing his eyes and yawning. 'Is that fried food I smell?' He asks

'Yes and yes I am making you some..' I say rolling my eyes. 'It won't be as good as Maccas' I continue.

'I could really go for Mc Donald's right now' he says

'Well you have the next best thing' Luke says. It made me smile.

------lunch time-------

All the memories were flooding back like how Luke and Dylan got in a fight.. Oh god Dylan's here... Uhh....

I was pulled off of my train of thought when I received a text saying. Where are you? We are waiting at the airport! Miss you so much and oh yeah check your twitter... Apparently you're going out with Luke Hemmings... Wtf... Shan and Amz.

Shit I totally forgot. And Luke told me that he needs to go to Melbourne and Darwin and everywhere else in Australia and that they have to go to America soon... At least Shan and Amy are coming in perfect timing. Thank you god!

'Luke!' I yell

'Yeah!' He yells back.

'Can I get a lift in your 9 seater car to the airport?' I ask

'Why?' He asked

'To pick up my friends.' I say

'Yeah but my mum has banned me from driving it so she has to drive it but it shouldn't be a problem. Do you want to leave now?' He asked.

'If that's ok?' I ask

'Yeah, come on guys! We are going to the airport!' Luke yells.

'Wont be a minute!' They yell back.

We all piled into the car and drove to Luke's house to get the 9 seater. It didn't take long but when we got there I was so excited I could hardly even wait. Liz, Luke's mum said yes and she grabbed the keys. This wasn't the first time that I have met Liz it is actually like the fifth time.

'Thank you so much Liz!' I say hugging her.

'It's ok Katrina.' She said smiling.

------at the airport------

I texted Shan and told her that I was here. I looked everywhere for them and it turns out they were at Maccas.... No surprises there.

When they saw me they ran up to me and hugged me so tight.

'Come on we are in a rush.. My boyfriends mum, Liz needs us to be quick!' I say hurrying them. They finished their Maccas and we were on our way to the car.

'Give me your stuff and jump in the back!' I say so they did and Shan ended out sitting next to Calum and he flirted with her, she was starstruck, so was Amy. I don't think that I heard there voices the whole ride back to my house.

When we were back to mine I thanked Liz again. Luke and the boys stayed in the car. I gave Luke a kiss and Michael and Calum taken their stuff out of the car.

'Thanks guys see youse tomorrow!' I say as they drive off.

'We are seeing them tomorrow?' Amy asked absolutely stunned.

'Yeah.. They leave in a few weeks so yeah but I have to go to school so guess who you'll be hanging out with!' I say. They practically went crazy then we headed inside.

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