New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


22. chapter 22

Luke's P.O.V

I walked into the house and I realised that Kat was really close behind me. Then I realised that I had no idea what this dickhead looks like.. Fail on my part.

I looked around to see if anyone was giving me or Kat any funny looks. There were a lot of people giving us dirty looks like they weren't ok with me and Kat being a couple. It isn't really their decision who I fall for so they can stay out if my live life, thank you very much.

This one guy caught my attention. This must be the guy. I walked over acting all cool.

'Hey man. I haven't seen you around here.' I say

'Yeah I am just visiting. I won't be here long I'm just here to collect something that is rightfully mine.' He said talking about Kat.

'Well enjoy your stay and uh good luck.' I say

'Thanks man.' He answered

'Wait hold on I didn't catch your name mate.' I say warmly.

'Oh yeah, haha I'm Dylan. What's yours' my jaw clenched

'I'm Luke... Kat's boyfriend. And if you want her your gonna have to fight for her.' I say manly and proud.

He stood up off of the wall he was leaning on. 'Give me back what is rightfully mine. Then maybe you won't get hurt...' Dylan says.

'You can't hurt me.' I say

'You want a bet. Outside 5 minutes' he says

'See you there.' I say walking away.

I walked to Kat. She was still crying. She was being comforted by Calum and Michael. I walk over and shoot them a glare. They move out the way. I sit next to her and she looks at me with he beautiful green eyes.

'He is going to pay for what he did to you.' I say

'Luke, don't do anything that you are going to regret.' She says

I smile. 'I won't regret anything' I say kissing her passionately like it was the last time I could ever feel her lips against mine.

I get up. 'Where are you going?' Kat asked

'Im going to give him what he deserves.' I say

'Don't do anything stupid.' She says hugging me.

Dylan's P.O.V

Who the fuck does this fuckwit think he is, stealing my girl... I am going to kill him.

I walk outside and I wait for Luke not making it obvious. I finally saw him.

'Ah you actually showed up. I thought you would be too pussy..' I say

He shoots me a glare. Like I even give a shit. I just rolled my eyes.

'What is going to go down is this...' I say so everyone could hear 'Luke is going to get his arse kicked..' I continue to say. He scoffs then says

'Come on dickhead are we going to fight or what?' He asked

'We are defiantly going to fight.' I say smirking.

Kat's P.O.V

I could hear heaps of people yelling 'fight, Fight, FIGHT!' All I could think of was that when Luke said he wasn't going to to anything stupid and that he wouldn't do anything he wouldn't regret, that he was going to do something stupid and he is going to do something he is going to regret...

I run outside and I seen the blond streaks in Calum's hair within the crowd of people. I ran over.

'CALUM' I yell so he could hear me.

'Kat. I-I couldn't stop him.' He says

'So this is actually happening?' I say worriedly. He nods my head.

'What I am going to do is dangerous but it will possibly stop him from getting hurt. He won't hit me in front of everyone.' I say

'What? Does Luke hit you?' Calum asked

'No, the guy he is fighting used to back in Adelaide' I say walking to where the guys were. Calum stood there frozen. I seen Ashton and Michael walking towards him. I knew that Calum would be ok.

I could see that Luke had a few punches and so did Dylan. I seen Dylan's fist raise. I quickly ran over and stood in front of Luke.

'What the fuck do you think you're doing?' I yell.

'He stole you from me...' Dylan said while he was lowering his fist.

'Dylan he never stole me from you. I walked away. And plus I was never your property. You never owned me!' I say

I could see the rage in Dylan's face. I didn't really care. He is no longer apart of my life anymore.

He raised his fist again. He was about to hit me. I saw his arm go to throw a punch I closed my eyes, but the punch never came. I opened my eyes. Ashton was there with his arm grabbing Dylan's. You could hear everyone's gasp.

'You. Never. Hit. Girls.' He says

'Whatever' Dylan says yanking his arm out of Ashton's grip.

'And where do you think your going?' Michaels says walking up to us.

'Back to my hotel' Dylan says rudely.

'Turn around mate' Michael says

Behind Dylan was the cops.

'I believe that you are going to the police station...' Calum says coming out from the back of Michael.

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