New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


21. chapter 21

--------A few hours later--------

'See ya mum. Have a good time you guys. Love you see you in a few days!' I say hugging them both tight while Luke stood behind me.

'See you when we get back you never know I may have to cheat on your dad so we can have an African baby!' My mum says laughing, playing around with my dad. He knew it was a joke so he started to laugh to.

'And you Mr. Hemmings don't go getting into any trouble ok.' My dad says bluntly then starts to laugh. He does this handshake thing with him. Then my mum hugged him.

'See you Mr and Mrs Karnett.' Luke says

'See you Luke...' My mum says.

We started to get ready as soon as the oldies left. Jye obviously knew about the party and he saw not to tell if we give him and Charlotte a bit of alone time. Jye and Charlotte helped getting everything ready and before we knew it people started arriving.

Luke's P.O.V

I was trying to find Kat in this huge wave of people in her back yard. Wow I didn't know that we knew this many people... I seen Calum and Michaels making out with complete strangers. Typical.

I seen her and she saw me I grabbed two drinks off the counter and walked over to her. We met halfway.

'Hey there beautiful' I say handing her, her drink.

'Hey handsome' she says blushing a little bit.

'This party is great' I say pulling her in close and placing my free hand on her waist. She placed her arms on my neck and we removed any space that was in between us.

'Thank you!' She says looking around then she stops and stares at this one person. Then she kissed me forcefully. What was going on? 'Can we please leave?' She asks

'Yeah whatever you want baby.' I say.

She lead me outside.

'What was going on out there?' I ask.

She looks at me and I notice that she was tearing up.

Kat's P.O.V

'This party is great' Luke says to me while pulling our bodies closer.

'Thank you!' I say looking around. I stopped looking when I saw a familiar face. No, it couldn't be. It's Dylan. I kiss Luke forcefully then ask 'can we please leave?'

'Yeah whatever you want baby.' He says I smile slightly.

I led him outside. I could feel myself tearing up.

'What was going on in there?' He asks

I turn to him nearly crying.

'Hey, hey, hey. What's going on?' He asks walking over to me hugging me. I cry into his arms.

'Its, it's Dylan. He is here.'

'Who? That Dylan like your ex boyfriend Dylan?' Luke asked

I nodded my head and started to cry even more. Why is he here? He is going to ruin everything.

'What happened between you two?' Luke asked

Well I suppose that Luke deserves to know what happened.

'Well Luke you see, Dylan was a very violent person. He used to hit me all the time and that's how we lost the baby. He was beating me uncontrollably last time I saw him and when my mum and dad found out we moved. Sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I mean I was looking for the right time and you really deserve to know' I say looking at him.

'I'm going to kill him..' Luke said really angrily. I have never seen him this angry ever, he isn't really an angry person. Her ran inside and I followed him hot on his tail.


Hey guys sorry for a short chapter but that is all I could think about in this part and the next chapter I am going to write is when Luke meets Dylan. Hope you guys like it! It's a pretty shitty chapter but you wanted an update so you got one! 😋

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