New places, new people

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20. chapter 20

I shook her shoulders slightly 'Kat...' I say waking her up.

She shot up and looked at me, she smiled and pulled me close for a hug, naturally I hugged her back.

'Hi' I say hugging her

'Hi' she says sounding sad and exhausted. 'I woke up last night. A doctor told me that I was in a coma... And about the baby..' She continues nearly bursting into tears.

'Hey, hey. Don't cry! We may have lost the baby, but at least we still have each other and plenty more opportunities to get pregnant.' I say

She looked up any me and smiled I wiped away her tears and she let out a little giggle.

'I love you..' She tells me. I smile

'I love you to' I say kissing her forehead and hugging her tight.

Kat's P.O.V

I stayed in Luke's arms for a while until someone walked into my room.

'Hey honey! How are you?' My mum asked

As soon as I heard her voice I stopped hugging Luke and looked at my mum. A huge grin rose upon both of her faces.

'Mum!' I say excitedly 'I am fine, well apart from the baby part but I am fine. How are you?' I asked

My mum looked concerned. 'Whats going on?' I asked

'Luke, dearest may Kat and I have a private little chat?' My mum asked

'Yeah, is Jye out there?' He asked. My mum nodded and he left.

'So mum what's going on?' I asked

'Well someone texted your father and you would never believe who it was...' She says rather uneasy.

'Who?' I asked intrigued

'Uhh it was Dylan' she says. Everything went quite. My throat was clenched so tight I felt as I wasn't even breathing. I decided to speak up.

'What did he want.. I mean like uh what did he say?' I said feeling queasy.

'I think he is coming up here. If he does come up here and if he does see you. I don't want you to fall under his spell. You have Luke now and he is all you need.' She tells me

'I won't. I will never fall under his spell ever again...' I say

Everything was silent. My mum came over and gave me a hug. I smiled and squeezed her tight.

Someone else came in. It was that doctor that posted me being pregnant. She looked down and never looked up. I think she could sense the glares that my mum and I were giving her. Then Luke, Dad and Jye walked in. They were laughing until they saw her. She couldn't avoid their glares though.

'Are you a fan of me?' Luke asked

She just nodded and looked down not daring to look in his eyes. That was kinda rude.

'What you did wasn't ok...' Luke says.

She nods.

'The least you could fucking do is answer...!' Jye practically yells.

I could see her jump. Wow my brother, intimidating. Who'd of known.

'Look I am really sorry, I just got upset.' She answers

'You got upset. You got so upset that you had to fuck shit up... What the fuck were you thinking...' I yelled.

'I was jealous ok.. I want to be with Luke. You don't deserve to be with him!' She yells.

Her boss walked in. Everything went silent. I couldn't help myself, I started to laugh. She shot me a glare.

'Doctor smith... Can I talk to you for a second?' Her boss asked

She nodded her head grasping her clipboard and following her boss out of the room.

'I hope she gets fired..' I say when she leaves

I head a few sighs. The door opened and the doctor apologised for posting confidential stuff on twitter then she left. Another doctor came in after a few moments and told us that I am going to get released from the hospital today. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed this one has made my back ache.

After a few hours we were all in the car on our way home. I was happy and blink was on life fm so I was like really happy. I started singing their song down and before I knew it the song had ended and another song came on. I recognised the voice.

'Luke... Is this one of your songs?' I ask

He giggles and nods.

'Hmm it sounds pretty good..' I say

'Why thank you!' He says the chorus started to play 'the clock is ticking and I'm out of time. The cameras rolling and I forgot my lines. My script is ripped and and now I see this is heartache on the big screen.' He started to sing and after the chorus he was humming the tune. I stared at him. 'What?' He asks

'Oh nothing. I just love your voice.' I say.

He smiled and kissed my forehead.

----------after the car ride home----------

I got out of the car and soon Luke followed.

'You wanna come inside? We have coke... And alcohol' I say with a smirk. 'Mum and dad are going out tonight. We should have a gath.' I say excitingly.

'Do you think that's a good idea?' He asks

'Of course' I answer 'I will post on Facebook' I continue.

'I will tweet it and only people who know where you live is able to come.' He says

I smile. I need this.


Thank you guys for reading.! It means a lot!

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