New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


2. chapter 2

I was walking to the elevator and pressed the button my mum came up behind me and tried to cheer me up.

'You will make new friends you know, and you will see Amy and Shan for that concert in a few months'

I smiled pretending that she cheered me up but I think that deep inside she knew I wasn't ok.

Jye and dad were behind, way behind us so they didn't hear our little talk, to be honest I don't actually care if the did or not, but my mum has this thing about eavesdropping so mum wouldn't be very happy if they did hear.

'Hurry up! Amy and Shan are probably already there!' I yelled

I was right, they were. When we went through border security the guys took so long to get all the metal off of them, it was unbelievable!

When I saw them I went straight to the chocolate cafe'

As soon as they saw me they ran to me. They hugged me so tight I could hardly breathe. Shan left me and went to my brother, she has a huge crush on Jye, but as soon as she finished hugging him she went back and hugged me. I could see a few tears coming out if their eyes.

'Don't cry, you'll make me cry!' I say hugging them tighter then they were hugging me.

My words couldn't stop the tears from flowing. After a lot of tears we went up and ordered I got my white hot chocolate and a mud chocolate cake with white chocolate drizzle, everyone got the same as me because of how amazing it tastes.

After a lot of laughs and good times it was time for me to leave we went to the gates and I gave Amy and Shan a last hug and we took heaps of photos on all of our phones and Shan took some photos with Jye. I waved at them as I was walking in to the waiting room.

I just sat on a seat with my arms crossed and I had an angry face. My brother looked at me and walked over, then he sat in me

'AHH GET OFF OF ME!!' I screamed

He just laughed and got off after I hit him a few times. He rubbed his arm and said 'Wow you actually are pretty strong Kat..' He told me

I just smiled 'Thanks!' I say happily

He smiled back at me and giggled a bit

'You know your gonna see them again and you can always move back when your 18?'

'I know it's just I don't have any money and it's like 2 years away!' I replied

'Come on you two we got to get on the plane' my dad says quite softly as if he was getting slightly embarrassed by is both.

'Can I sit with mum?' I ask

'Ok, that's fine. I'll sit next to Jye we need to have a chat anyway, don't we young man?' Sad said, Jye just nodded and walked with us.

We were officially on the plane, I just sat there and put my earphones in and my mum and I shared

'Kat, dear, can you please put that lovely song that I like on?' My mum asked

I sighed and let out a long sigh 'Ok, as long as you don't sing it!' I replied

'I won't, promise' she said putting her pinky finger out, and I grabbed it with mine.

I searched it up on my iTube and there was only a lyric video so I played it.

'Oh my, those young men are quite handsome. Don't you think?'

'I wasn't really paying any attention to the video, I was just looking out the window and thinking about Amy and Shan.

'Uh yeah' I say taking a glimpse of the screen, then looking back out the window. After a while I fell asleep. I was asleep for about half an hour until my mum woke me up.

'Kat, honey, were here.' She says shaking my shoulder

I groaned then stretched until I finally opened my eyes. I got up angrily and stormed out of the plane with my luggage and the rest of my family behind me.

When I got I to the building I saw someone who looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. We left the airport and caught a taxi to our new home. Don't get me wrong the house was beautiful, the backyard was huge and the front yard is absolutely stunning, but I just don't want to be here.

It's around 9:30pm and I am really tired but I don't have a bed or anything comfortable to sleep in so I just crash out on the floor.

I wake up around 9am and I start to unpack when the truck with all our stuff comes. We start with the mattresses and the couches. We can hardly fit the couches through the front door but we manage to do it with hardly any scratches on our walls and nearly no scratches on our door.

I get my boxes out of the truck and put them in my room with the help of Jye, obviously, I mean I could hardly even pick most of the boxes up. After all the boxes were crowded in my room, I started to unpack.

One box after another until I got to the last few boxes, I opened one of the boxes and of course this box had to be the box with the photos and all the memories of me, Shan and Amy. It also happens to be the box with my stereos and C.Ds in it. Got my stereo plugged the cord into the wall and out on my burnt copy of Blink-182s best hits. At first I listened to all the small things, then down and then my favourite I miss you. I belted out the lyrics. Until I managed to hear a knock on my window.

I turned my music down thinking it was my mum, dad or brother, but someone still continues to knock on my window. I open my blinds to see a dark skinned teenage boy. I smiled and he pointed to the front door, I nodded and walked to the door. When I got there I opened the door

'Hi, I'm Calum.' He says giving me a bag of goods. 'I know it's nothing special but it's all home made, my mum told me to bring them to you new people on the street.' He told me

'Thank-you, I'm Katrina, but you can call me Kat, everyone else does. Do you want to come in?' I asked

He nodded and followed me into the kitchen.

'This sure is a nice house' he says with this eyes widened looking around.

'Why thank-you' I say with a giggle. We walk into the kitchen 'do you want anything?' I ask

'Just a water please' he responded

I got a cup out of one of the boxes beneath the kitchen bench and poured it full of Pura water, after it was nearly full the the rim I gave it to him. He just held it then started asking questions.

'So where are you from?'

'Oh I'm from Adelaide' I answered 'Have we ever met before? You look really familiar.'

'Ooo nice! I love Adelaide' he said then he paused thinking of my question 'uh no I don't think we have met, I would remember a pretty face such as yours' he answered

I blushed. 'Have you been to Adelaide?' I asked

'Yeah a few times actually..' Calum answered


He laughed a little bit and then sculled his water.

My dad walked down the stairs and when he saw Calum he walked slowly down them like he was almost confused.

'And who might you be?' He asks Calum

He jumped where he sat 'oh uhh, I'm Calum' he answered quite shakily

'He's our neighbour' I said to break any tension 'look how kind he and his family are, they got us some beverages' I said holing the basket of goods.

'Huh ok, well it's nice to meet you Calum' he said walking towards Calum with his hand out to shake Calum's. They shook hands and then Calum got up

'I need to go back home, and just a warning but I have a band that rehearses at my house sometimes so if you hear drums and guitars around the neighbour hood you will know it's me. Thanks for the water, and Kat can I get your number? We could meet up some time?'

'Yeah that sounds fine to me, give me your phone'

He have me his phone and when I finished typing in my number he thanked me and went back home

'See you Calum!' My dad yells

Calum looked back and waved.

I smiled and did a little wave then shut the door still smiling

'We've only been here for a day and you have already met a boy! Wait until I tell your mother!' He said excitably.

I just shook my head and went back to my room through the long corridor downstairs and I turned up my music, really loud!

It seems like Calum is the only good thing about Sydney..

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