New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


18. chapter 18

Luke's P.O.V

All I cod think about on the way to the hospital was the text that Kat sent me. The message read Luke.... I think I am.. You know... Pregnant...

I was so happy but yet so scared. I think I may have even driven through I read light I was mixed with too many emotions I couldn't even concentrate on getting us to the hospital safely..

When we finally arrived I helped her out of the car. She was clutching her stomach and gagging.

'Make sure you don't throw up on me..' I say cheekily

She just smirks then reaches for her bucket. I have to admit that she still looked beautiful, even though she was being sick. She still looked beautiful.

'Kat.' I say

'Yeah' she says before throwing up again

'You're beautiful..' I say

'Ahaha' she laughs 'even like this?' She says looking up at me.

'Yes, even like this' I say with a rather large smile on my face.

She smiles back. We all walk inside. Kat starts to throw up and I went up to the counter with Calum and Jye.

Calum did all the talking to this young lady at the front desk, he was sweet talking her and she fell for it, of course she did. Everyone falls for Calum.

She got a doctor to see her a few moments after Calum and her exchanged numbers. It was a female doctor and she said that only two people where allowed to come in and Jye and Calum needed to talk so it was me and Charlotte.

We walked in and Kat had the bucket tight in her arms. The doctor just looked at her and nodded his head like she already knew what was going on with her.

'So do you know what's up with her?' Charlotte asked

'Yes I do. How old is she?' The doctor asked

'16, she turned 16 before she left Adelaide.' I say

'Hmm' she says 'well she is pregnant..' She continued

My face went white. Ghost white. I didn't think that she would because it was our first time and everything. Wow. She is only 16 and I am only 18, and we are going tot be parents... I wonder what everyone was going to think? Like I know that if my fans find out, they would give Kat a lot of hate and especially because she is 16. I am going to make sure that no one finds out apart from me, Katrina, Calum, Jye and Charlotte.

Charlottes P.O.V

What did this bitchy doctor say?

'You can't be serious..' I say breaking the tension.

'Well we do have sex.. I mean we are serious about each other..' He says

'Haven't you ever heard of protection Hemmings..?' The doctor says

'Excuse me.. Are you involved in this conversation..? No you are not.. So if you don't mind. Please but the fuck out...' A moody Kat says. I smiled a little. The doctor was shocked and she just left.

'I know Kat. She wouldn't just sleep around without using protection..' I say

'We did use protection...' Kat says

'Then why the fuck are you pregnant..!?' I ask

'It may have broke... But we didn't notice until it was too late' Luke answered. I just nodded my head.

It was silent for a few moments until Calum and Jye walked in.

'I guess congratulations is an order...' Jye says.

'Did the doctor tell you?' I ask

'No... It's all over twitter..' Calum says

'Wait... What... I think I am going to be sick!' Katrina says. She does be sick though.

'Wait so everyone knows?' Luke asked.

'Yeah, pretty much. That snobby bitch doctor posted it..' Jye says scrolling down his newsfeed.

'Wait so mum would know..' Kat asked

'Yeah, her and dad..' Jye answered her question.


Kat's P.O.V

'Fuck...' I say absolutely terrified

I know that I am so massively and totally screwed. And what about school.. What am I going to do about that and how big hm belly is going to get..

I was really happy at the same time. I mean I want to spend the rest of my life with Luke and I do want to have children with him but not now..

----------1 week later-----------

I woke up in the middle of the night and I clutch my stomach, and I was being sick. But this was defiantly not normal morning sickness this was something different. I ran upstairs and was being sick. I must have woken my parents up because within a flash they were in there with me.

'Are you ok?' My dad asks

'She doesn't looks so good, honey look at me.' My mother asks

I look up and she gasps. 'Dave call Luke then call the ambulance!' She yells.

'Ok' he says running downstairs to get his phone.

'Its ok honey pie.. You're going to be ok!' She says

That was the last thing I heard before everything went black.

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