New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


17. chapter 17

Jye's P.O.V

I can't believe she did that to me I am so upset. And she did that with Calum, I thought we were becoming really close mates like me and Luke.. I am just gobsmacked at the moment, I think I need to hear Calum's side of the story first, before I make any judgements that may be a mistake.

I know Calum is staying for a bit because Kat needs to talk to him maybe after they talk, Calum and I can.

I decide to talk to Charlotte first and get her side of the story. I walk around the house trying to find her, I eventually found her in my room.

'I am so sorry Jye..' She says to me looking at the floor. Obviously disappointed in herself.

'Its ok I just need to hear your side of the story..' I say walking over to her and sitting beside her. She told me everything. From when he found her, to when he put his hand on her thigh, to when he kissed her to when she kissed him back.

I have to admit, Calum is a very flirtatious person. Kind of like me, I like his style, but he can't do that to my girl. I suppose that she didn't let him know that she was taken so partly is it her fault this happened. I need to hear Calum's side to, just to see if they match and none of them are lying to me. I don't think they would lie but just in case.

Kat's P.O.V

I was talking to Calum and he looked genuinely sorry, he looked so guilty and ashamed of himself.

'Dont be so hard on yourself! You didn't know..' I say

'She didn't even tell me Kat.. She just let me do it, and she kissed me back which is even worse!' He says

He shouldn't be the one feeling like this.. It should be Charlotte who should be feeling guilty. But I suppose that he is famous and she didn't want to stop. In fact if I didn't catch them two in the act she would have let him do anything to her, she probably would have gone all the way..

My train of thought stops when I feel as if I am going to throw up. I get head spins and I feel as if I am going to fall flat on my face. I reach for the nearest thing to lean on and it happens to be Calum's buff shoulder. I clutch my stomach.

'I don't feel so good..' I say uneasy

'Do you think you can make it to the bathroom?' He asks

I just nod my head and run to the bathroom which happens to be upstairs. I slung the door open and lent over the toilet. I was being sick when Calum came up to me and rubbed my back with his hand.

'Are you ok? What's going on?' He asks

Then Charlotte and Jye walk in

'Is she ok?' They ask simultaneously

'I think.. I am not sure..' Calum says truly worried.

I continue to throw up when Calum calls Luke.

'Yeah hey man, just thought you should know but your girlfriend is being sick everywhere. Yeah maybe you should. Ok see you soon then, see ya mate.' Their quick conversation ended.

'Luke is on his way..' He says

I nod my head and continue to vomit. A few minutes later I was still throwing up everything I had left in my system, then Luke came he didn't have to knock. He obviously knew where I was, I mean the sound of me throwing up made it pretty clear..

Anyways he rushed upstairs 'Is she ok? Should we give her some Panamax?' Luke asks I give Luke a stern look and then looked at his phone then back at him. I messaged him before he came and he obviously hadn't seen it.

He looked down at his phone and read the message I sent him. 'We need to take her to the hospital..'Luke says and I agree.

Calum, Jye and Charlotte both looked confused but they still helped me into Luke's car. Calum bought me a bucket so I can throw up in it. We all got in Luke's car and left for the hospital. I was so happy that both of my parents were rostered on in their work early hours in the morning so they didn't get to witness this...

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