New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


15. chapter 15

We were walking inside when I saw Jye checking Charlotte out, I couldn't help but laugh.

'Whats so funny?' Charlotte asked rather intrigued

'I will tell you when we get in my room' I say still laughing. Charlotte rolled her eyes and smiled, then followed me into my room.

I slumped on my bed and then rolled over lifting my pillow up and grabbing a bag with banana bread in it.

Charlotte laughed and grabbed some

'Wow this is really good, who made this?' She asked me

'Joy made it she is my neighbour. Infact she is Calum's mum..' I say with a face full of banana bread. Charlotte sighed and grabbed more out of the bag. 'I have my secret stash so I don't need to leave my bedroom.' I continued.

'Wait who's Calum?' She asked

I stiffened did I really say Calum's name I don't even remember saying that. 'Oh Calum his uhh Luke's friend. He is also my neighbour..' I say

She looked a little suspicious but I quickly changed the subject. 'So I have seen you and Player together a lot recently..' I say plopping a bit of banana bread in my mouth.

'Yeah' she replays with a smile. 'Its nothing serious, obviously. I mean it's Player but we have fun..' She says with a smirk.

'Have you guys.. You know.' I asked with hand movements to display what I mean.

She shook her head. 'I have another guy in mind for that. I only just met him but he seems nice.'

'Whats his name?' I asked rather intrigued.

'His name is J... James' she says slowly

'Hmm' I say chewing on my food

'Pass me the bread!' She says

I chucked her a whole loaf and she gladly accepted.

We were having a great night until Jye had to ruin it. I am a little suspicious about this 'James' character, I think that it may be Jye. Charlotte left with Jye which is what made me suspicious. So I just sat on my bed and then I got thirsty, so I walked out of my room and passed the lounge room. Then that's when I saw it. It was only just out the corner of my eye but I saw it. I walked passed and got my water bottle which actually contained cordial out of the fridge, then I walked into the lounge room.

'BUSTED!! ' I say taking a photo of them making out

Charlotte quickly jumped off of Jye and put her hands in the back pockets of her jeans, then leaned up on her tippy toes and smiled. I shook my head.

'You know what you love birds.. Just go up to Jye's room and make out there..' I say

'Hey at least I have the guts to make out with my new girlfriend unlike you and Mr. Luke Hemmings' he says. My jaw dropped, and so did Charlottes.

I ran to my room with Charlotte shortly following me. When we reached my door Charlotte looked at me and started to laugh.

'What.. Why are you laughing?' I ask

'I can't believe you are going out with Luke Hemmings!' She whisper shouts

I shrug my shoulders 'well Calum Hood lives next door so that's how we met' I say because I knew that she would ask that

Her jaw dropped. 'C-C-C-Calum Hood.. Like the Calum Hood!' She whisper shouts. I nodded my head then she starts pacing around my room.

I knew she would react when I told her but this is crazy... I handed her, her bit of banana bread then she had the biggest smile on her face 'Joy Hood touched this... And Calum did too because he'd given to you... Oh my GOD!' She says

I laugh a little 'Come on there is more to life then 5sos..' I say acting all serious

She laughs then just stares around my room. I grab my phone and I started to text Luke.

'Who are you texting?' Charlotte asks

'Oh it's no one...' I reply with a smirk. 'I need to pee, I will be back.' I say walking out of my room.

I walked up the stairs to the first restroom on the right. I opened the door and locked it.

Hey Luke, Charlotte knows so it's ok to show your face.

Oh ok well that's good I guess.. We should get together and have lunch some day?

That sounds really good I think we should have it at mine because Charlottes mum won't let her go to a perfect strangers house so....

Ok that sounds good, but before we start to make official plans ask your

Just letting you guys know that I haven't finished this chapter but I just wanted to give you guys something.

Luke and I stopped texting then and thee because I really needed to pee. I did my business and went back down stairs were my mum and dad were sitting at the counter drinking a coffee or a tea. I walked over to them

'Mum, dad is it ok if I have a few friends over for a lunch party thing? It will just be me, Luke, Calum, Charlotte, Michael and Ashton.. Please!' I ask

My dad nodded his head. I jumped up with excitement,

'Thank you, thank you, thank you!' I say

I ran over to him and gave him the biggest hug. Then I ran to my room.

'We are having a lunch party thing here in a few days. And you're invited so is Calum, Michael, Ashton and Luke... So you better be there!' I say landing on my bed and grabbing the last banana bread and shoving most of it in my mouth.

Charlotte nodded her head vigorously. I took that as a yes.

'I just need to text Luke and tell him it's on' I say grabbing my phone texting him.

He doesn't answer. He might be asleep. Speaking of sleep I was tired and I must of dozed off because next thing I knew it was morning. Hang on, where is Charlotte.

'Charlotte, CHARLOTTE !' I scream through out the house. She didn't answer and I got a little bit worried so I texted Calum

Hey Calum! It's Kat, just wondering if you could text me if you see a short girl with, shortish brown hair, brown eyes and she responds to Charlotte. She is a fan but she is also my best friend, so be nice ok! Oh and she might be in her P.Js, so if you see her give her a blanket.

Ok will do, is she pretty?

Well, yeah drop dead gorgeous. Don't you dare hot on her! She is very venerable ok...

Ok I won't hit on her, maybe 😜

Calum... 😠

He didn't text back. I hope she isn't with him because Calum will probably hit on her and she will fall for him in a heart beat and break my brothers heart.

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