New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


14. chapter 14

--------2 weeks later-------

Nothing has happened since the text message but me and that Charlotte girl from my Home Ec. class and I have become really close and same with Chloe, we hang out together nearly everyday. We are in like the 'popular group' which is cool apart from the fact that Player and Jack hang out with us sometimes but I never talk to them when they do hang out with us.

It's a Wednesday and this is my timetable for today

Home room

Double maths

Home Ec.


Double I.T


Double drama

End of day home room (to make sure no one wags school)

It's a boring day but I get to spend most of it with Chloe and Charlotte which is great!

In maths we had a test, I probably failed because I haven't been paying much attention in class lately, I have been feeling sick since Monday. Then in Home Ec. we made Nachos which I gladly ate with Charlotte. Then at recess we hung out with our group upstairs. Charlotte, Chloe and I went to the Canteen to get muffins, I swear that the muffins at the school are the best in the world..! The line was long but I didn't mind waiting, at least I didn't have to see Jack.. We were in line for most of recess but it was worth it. When we got back to our group everyone was laughing and they were really happy I was to until I caught Jack staring at me, he then started to walk over.


When recess came I was looking forward to seeing Kat, but I couldn't see her, or Charlotte and Chloe anywhere. Where are they...

About 15 minutes later I seen them walking up with muffins from the canteen. I stared a little bit, Kat has the best body. And she is beautiful. She catches me staring, I walk over. I can see the disgust in her eyes. When I finally reach her, I smile and I put my hands on her waist, she hesitates but I don't let her out of my grip. Then all of a sudden I feel a smooshy substance on my face. I let go of her waist to wipe the substance off of my face.

'You made me ruin a perfectly good muffin' she said with a smirk 'now I have to buy another one, do you girls want to come to the canteen with me again?' She continued, her friends nodded and just like that they were gone.

Back to Kat's P.O.V

I felt kind of bad for what I did but he can't touch me ever, I will kill him, Luke will kill him, Jye and dad will kill him and you get my drift. But I can't believe that he touched me again.. Well he has ruined my mood for the day..!

-------------------skip to the end of the day----------------

I had completely forgotten that Luke was picking me up today,Charlotte and Chloe are huge fans of 5 seconds of summer and I am dating Chloe's favourite...

I quickly text him

Hey Luke my friend is coming over after school and she is a fan. She is one of the stalker type of fans. So whatever you do, don't show your face!

He soon texted back

Really! I can still kiss you though, right? 😜 xx

I replied

Yes you can 💋💓 xx

'Kat come here...' Mr. Redismolio called

I went up and he looked at the phone I had in my hands I also looked at it then looked back at him

'I was just seeing how I was getting home' I say

'You could have told me that, I will let this one slid because you're new but that's your only warning.!' He said in a whisper shout. I nodded and walked away.

'What was that about?' Chloe asks

'Just about my phone' I tell her

'Detention' She states

'Warning' I correct her

She looked almost shocked which surprised me a little bit.

The bell rang, the teachers dismissed us and we practically ran for the door. I waited for Charlotte to come down the stairs. When she did I hugged her and walked for the school parking lot. We weren't waiting for very long, I was a little bit nervous when Luke's car came in.

When Luke walked out the car I quickly ran over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.

'Who is this?' Charlotte asked

'My boyfriend Luke' I say

'I never new you had a boyfriend..' She says

'Sorry I must have forgotten to tell you..' I say

She shrugged her shoulders and got in Luke's car. I was happy she didn't realise it was Luke Hemmings. I sat in the back with Charlotte because I didn't want her to be alone in the back, and besides I could stare at Luke in the review mirror. His eyes are a beautiful shade of blue, and his lip piercing make his lips look so plump and kissable. He looked at me through the mirror and smiled. I felt my cheeks go a shade of red but I smiled back.

Charlotte and I have a really close relationship we aren't as close as I was with Amy and Shan but we were getting there. We never ran out if things to talk about, and some of the stuff we were talking about made Luke laugh and when ever he did laugh she blushed which made me laugh.

I occasionally saw Charlotte give Luke a second look but she gave up after a while.

When we got to my house I was really worried that she'd notice but she was distracted by my flirtatious brother... I quickly ran to Luke and kissed him

'You should call me later?' I asked

He smiled 'yeah sure that sounds cool' he replied before driving off. Now it was just me, Charlotte, Jye, mum, and dad. What could go wrong..?

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