New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


13. chapter 13

Chloe walks with me and on my timetable it says what my locker combo is.

'Ok Katrina Karnett your locker is in between mine and players.' Chloe says then she says 'this is your locker combo and it takes a while to get used to it so don't worry about it.'

'Whose player?' I ask

'Oh player it's his nick name, his real name is Jake. But he likes to be called player.' Chloe says

I nodded

'Speak of the devil, here he is now..' She says

'Speaking about me are you?' Player says then he sees me 'who is this fine thang?' He asks

'My name isn't 'fine thang' is Kat.' I say

'Well hey Kat.. We got a feisty one over here' player said pointing to me.

I rolled my eyes, well he seems like a jerk... I tried to unlock my locker it took me a few times but I got there in the end. I put my stuff in and I got my books out for maths, after maths I have, home ec. that's cool.

Player was looking at what I had next. 'Home Ec. hey, it looks like your stuck with me..' He said with a smirk. God I only just met him and I can't stand the sight of him.!

Heaps of people were giving me strange looks. Chloe looked at me and smiled, I smiled back at her.

'You are really pretty you know.!' Chloe tells me

'Aww thanks, you too!' I say to her. She really is pretty though. She is an aboriginal and she has shortish black hair with brown eyes and a she has her top lip pierced, it really suited her.

'Have you got a boyfriend?' She asked

I smiled at the thought of Luke. 'Yeah I have.' I say still smiling

'Ooo what's his name?' She asked

'His name is Luke. He is really good looking and he has an amazing personality!' I say not giving a lot away that it was Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer.

I got a text message from Michael saying 'hey I fell asleep in the car and I didn't say good luck and have a good day, so good luck and have a good day 😜 - Mikey' I smiled

'Don't let our home room teacher see that the idiot will take it away from you!' Chloe said

I didn't reply but I put my phone on silent then turned it off. I unlocked my locker and got my stuff out along with Chloe. After we got our stuff we had to wait in a line out the front of our classroom. It's a punishment for being the worst home room in the school. A little bit childish if you ask me..

We stood out the classroom for about 5 minutes and waited for our home room teachers to arrive, for some reason we have two home room teachers. It's weird.. When they did arrive they said good morning and all the students replied 'good morning Mr. Redismolio and Ms. Thompson' they let us come into the classroom and Chloe and I were at the front of the line. So we were first in the class room.

'Sit next to me' Chloe said

'Ok..'I say sitting my stuff down next to hers. Thank god we were at the back of the classroom, I would actually hate to be spied on by the teachers in the front. And plus they can't see if I am on my phone or not, bonus!

'Ok you lovely students you, we have a new pupil starting today.' Our female home room teacher, Ms. Thompson said. God she sounds like my mum..

'Katrina Karnett please come to the front..' The male teacher, Mr. Redismolio said. God I hate being new..

I walked to the front and I could feel everyone's eyes on me, I actually hate being the centre of attention...

'Everyone make her feel welcome!' Mr. Redismolio spat. I hate this teacher already!

The end of home room bell went as soon as they called the roll. First up was double maths... Great.

-----------skip to the end of double maths-------------

The bell went for the end of double maths and I now have Home Ec. with Player. This should be interesting.

I get my Home Ec. folder out of my locker and put my maths stuff in when I closed my door there was this guy, I think his name is Jack, yeah it's Jack. He was standing there when I saw him I jumped

'Sorry I didn't mean to scare you, I just wanted to know if you were in my Home Ec. class with Ms Dotson?' He asked

'Yeah, with player. I'm in that class..' I say

'Cool' Jack says biting his lip. He walked away, then there was girl she came up to me.

'Dont worry about Jack he hits on like every girl.. I'm Charlotte by the way'

'Kat' I say. She smiled at me and i smiled back.

--------------------------end of school---------------------------

I waited at the front for Calum and Luke. Then I turned my phone on. I got a text from Luke saying he will be about 5 minutes late. I didn't mind I just stood there looking weird waiting for Luke. He finally came, when I saw his car I smiled. Then all of a sudden Jack comes up to me and slaps my butt. When Luke pulls up I have nearly pulled Jacks head off.

'How dare you.! You are a disrespectful fucken prick!! If you ever touch me again I am getting a restraining order I swear.!' I yell at the top of my lungs.

Jack just stands there looking all innocent. Luke cam running to me.

'Are you ok?' He asks with his arms around my waist, I nod rubbing my arm. Luke walks over to Jack and says 'If you ever touch my girlfriend ever again, I might just have to kill you.. Have we got that clear?'

Jack nodded and practically ran off, he was defiantly intimidated by Luke.

'Are you sure you're ok?' Luke asks me again

'Yeah I am now that you're here' I say wrapping my arms around his neck, he put his hands on my waist and I felt safe in his arms. Then Luke pushes me onto the car.

'Luke not now, wait until we get home!' I say giggling. He stops pushing me against the car but we kissed again, I could feel his smile while we were kissing and I liked it.

We got in the car and I got this text message that did scare me a little bit the message read 'I will get you. No one can stop me.' I think that Luke seen my reaction to the text.

'Whats wrong?' He ask

'I just got this message and I don't know who sent it..'

'Well what does it say?' Luke asked curiously

'It says 'I will get you. No one can stop me.' I say

Luke's jaw dropped. Then he says to me 'Kat as long as I have you in my arms, you will be safe. I promise'. I smiled as our hands intertwined.

'I love you Luke' I say

'I love you more' Luke replies with a wink.

I smiled. 'You flirt!' I say

'Me a flirt. NO..!' He said with a great big smile.


Sorry for the terrible chapters, I would like to hear some of your ideas to make this good!

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