New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


12. chapter 12

Kats P.O.V

'What do you think you're doing' I ask

'Staying for dinner' he said with a smirk

His mum said he could stay for dinner don't get me wrong of course I want him to stay for dinner but I don't want my dad to eat him alive..

Jye walked down the stairs.

'Something smells good! Hey Luke. What's up man!' Jye says doing this secret handshake thing.

'Nothing man.. How have you been?' Luke replies

'You know how I roll bro.!' Jye says they laugh together

Since when have they been friends? Well at least they get along! Then my dad walks down stairs. He smiled at Luke and came over to is and gave him a manly hug. My jaw dropped, maybe tonight isn't going to be so bad after all..

Luke and I went to my bedroom, when we entered my room I looked at him

'What?' He asks with a giggle

'How on earth did you get my dad to actually like you?' I ask

'Lets just say you're my angel too.' He says getting up to give me a hug. I accepted the hug but I was confused

'What?' I ask

'Lets just leave it at that..' Luke says kissing my forehead

The door opened and my mum came in

'Aww cute! I would hate to disturb you cutie pies but dinner is ready.' My mum says gesturing us to go to the kitchen. We leave my room hand in hand.

When we got to the kitchen we made our way to the dining room. Luke sat next to me and Jye sat across from me and my mum and dad sat across from each other on the sides of the table. When my mum was putting the roast chicken on the table Luke put his hand on my thigh.

We all dug in when mum was finished placing it all on the table. While we were eating we all had a lovely chat. It was nice, I didn't want the night to end. When ever Luke got nervous he rubbed his thumb on my thigh and I would help him answer the questions my family were asking him, it was so cute.

When the night was over and Luke had to go home, he said to me

'What ever you need I'm just a phone call or a text away alright babe.'

I smile 'thank you. Luke..'

'Yeah' he responds

'Can you and the boys drive me to school on the way to your sound check?' I ask

'Of course we can, I'll see you tomorrow morning, is 8 ok?' Luke says

'Yeah 8s fine' I say

'I love you.' He says

'I love you too.' I say hugging him

He kisses me then walks to his car.

'See ya!'

'See ya!' I replied

When he drove off I walked back inside. My mum was at the door pretending that she wasn't eavesdropping

'Hey mum..'

'Hey sweetie, I like that boy he is much better then your other boyfriends!' She says to me

I smile at her 'mum I'd like it if you didn't eavesdrop and don't pretend like you weren't!' I say

'Sorry honey I won't do it anymore..' She tells me.

I nod my head with a smile and go to my room.

I look for the banana bread I stashed in my room, 'I hope it's still ok' I say out loud and to my surprise it was. Thank god! I ate one loaf and it was so good. I texted Calum 'can you please ask your mum if she could make more banana bread? - Kat'

He texted back about 5 minutes later 'yeah of course! See you tomorrow, you should get some rest you have a big day tomorrow!'

I smiled and had a shower. Then I got dressed then I went to bed.

I woke up in the morning at 6:30, I was so pumped to be going to school. One thing I wasn't so pumped about was the uniform. It was a really ugly dress and I had to wear long socks and those really terrible black shoes, I didn't get any of them shoes so I just wore my black vans. It was a bit cold it was probably just over 16 degrees Celsius, so I put the ugly maroon coloured jumper on over my dress.

I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, after I brushed my teeth I put my make up on and straightened my hair, I left it down because I look like crap with it up. I went to the kitchen and I made some toast. I went in the cupboard and got the Vegimite off of the shelf and put the rest on my toast. I don't have butter or margarine on my toast or sandwiches because it makes me fat, my family think I'm crazy but I don't care..

I looked at the clock and it was 7:30am I ate my toast and put my books in bag, along with my pencil case recess and lunch. I looked at the clock again it only took me 5 minutes to do that so I thought about something's I may have forgotten to do. I forgotten to put deodorant on so I went and did that. I was ready and I still had 20 minutes before Luke and the boys pick me up. So I just chilled in the lounge room and watched T.V with Jye. 15 minutes into the T.V programme I heard a knock on my door, I knew it was Luke so I answered it. When I opened the door there he was. I jumped into his arms and he caught me

'Hey Luke' I say with a giggle. He spins me around in his arms

'Hey!' He said placing me back on the ground and kissing me.

'Hey guys!' I say letting them in.

Calum came up to me and handed me 2 loaves of banana bread. 'Here you go.' He says

'Thank you!' I say bringing him in for a hug.

'Were is mine!?' Ashton asked

I ran to him and hugged him then Michael had his arms out and I hugged him as well. My dad was walking down the stairs.

'Who are these fine young men?' He asked

'This is Michael and Ashton, I don't know if you met Calum but if you haven't, he is our neighbour and he is the one who introduced me to Luke.' I say

'Oh ok well nice to meet you boys.' He says walking over to me. 'Have a great first day!' He said hugging me. I nodded and my mum started to cry.

'Have a magnificent first day hun.!' She says walking over to hug me.

I given her a hug then went to the lounge room to get my bag. Jye just punches my arm and smiles, I rolled my eyes also smiling. I walked to the front door being led outside by the boys

'See ya after school!' I say

They waved and before I knew it we were on our way.

'Do you want me to pick you up?' Calum asked

'Umm... Ok, I don't mind.' I said happily

'Luke will be with me it's ok!' Calum says

I smiled. After about 10 minutes we were there. Luke put on his hoodie and glasses and walked out the car. He smiled at me.

'Have a great day' he tells me

'I will' I say

'Yeah have a good day Kat!' I can hear the boys yell from inside the car.

Luke puts his hands on my waist and I put my arms around his neck and we kiss I had to stand on my tippy toes because of our hight difference.

'3:30?' He asks

'3:25' I say correcting him

He laughs '3:25 got it. See you then. I love you'

'See you then! I love you more!' I say. He laughs and kisses me one more time before they left. I turn to the school gates, where do I go from here? I make my way to one of the front offices also known as 'student reception'. There was this girl sitting on a chair. She smiles at me

'Hi I am Chloe.' She says with a bright smile

'Kat' I say 'I am new here and I was just wondering if this is where you get your map and timetable?' I continue to say.

'Yep this is the place!' Chloe says

'Thanks' I say with a slight giggle.

I walked to the counter and talked to this old rude lady, she was reluctant to give me my map and timetable but she did in the end. I looked at the timetable and Chloe came up to me

'Maths first with mrs. Harper. Same as me! I wonder if we are in the same home room! What grade are you?' Chloe says

'Im in grade 11' I say

'Snap!' She says I smile at her enthusiasm.

'I will show you to your locker then, shall I' she said I smiled and followed her to the lockers because I had no idea where I was going. 'Oh and welcome to Cardijn Collage by the way.' Chloe says.


Sorry but I don't actually live in Sydney and I have never been there, so for the school I put a school from Adelaide in there.

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